We have amazing news for all the Korean culture lovers in India! In today’s article we have with us – KOTRA, the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency who are state-funded trade and investment promotion organization operated by the Government of South Korea. KOTRA in association with AMAZON India has launched an exclusive K-Store available on www.amazon.in/koreanstore!


The KOTRA Seal of Excellence is a seal that, KOTRA gives to companies which it deems qualified according to three major criteria. These are: Quality, High Technology, and Trustworthiness.

As of June 2010, KOTRA has awarded the seal to 430 different companies!
Here’s a few words by the President & CEO of KOTRA :

Dear Guests,

“With the recent rise of neo-protectionism and intensifying global competition in key industries, it has been a challenging period for South Korea’s export market. Nationally, significant efforts are being put into enhancing the quality of life for the people, and as part of that effort, the Korean government has declared job creation as the nation’s utmost priority. In conclusion, KOTRA will re-emerge as an agency with strong competitive edge by effectively managing staff members based on competence and performance as well as enhancing their expertise in respective areas. Through these efforts, KOTRA will become a “world-class trade-investment promotion agency,” leading the way for SMEs to explore overseas markets and create global jobs. I kindly ask for your support and guidance in helping our agency reaches its fullest potential as we renew our unwavering ability to pioneer new markets and devote ourselves to achieving our overseas expansion and job creation missions.”

Thank you.

President & CEO of KOTRA


We had an interview with the Specialist, KOTRA, Bengaluru – Ms. Sandhya.S, – their enthusiasm for all the Korean lovers is appreciable, let’s read more to find out, what we spoke with Ms. Sandhya.S.


  1. About KOTRA & formation.

KOTRA- Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency is a part of The Commercial Section of The Embassy of The Republic of Korea. It is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea and promotes trade between Korea and India.

Founded: 1962 (as the Korea Trade Promotion Corporation)

Headquarters: Seoul, Republic Of Korea.


  1. When & how did you start?

It was launched in 2019 as a national trade promotion organization. And now welcomes all Korean brands to list their products to fulfill customer demands and satisfaction across India. Currently, there are around 45 Korean brands and we are working at a larger expansion of this number in the future.



     3.How did you come up with this idea?

Under the leadership of Mr.Keunhyung Park, The director General of KOTRA, Bengaluru, we have launched K-Store (Korean Store) in association with Amazon India – which is an exclusive platform for all Korean brands dealt on Amazon India. www.Amazon.in/koreanstore



   4. What are the activities of Kotra, future plans?

KOTRA now pursues its twin mandates of trade and investment promotion to enhance national prosperity and competitiveness, with the goal of positioning Korea as the business and economic hub of East Asia With its experience and expertise, KOTRA assists interested parties worldwide to do business with Korea.


   5. How do you aim for customer satisfaction?

With an aim to promote Korean products in India in major offline and e-commerce businesses. We aim at adding more new and popular brands to the Korean store from time to time and promote Korean brands in India. This makes it easier for customers to access Korean products at a single click under one roof as ‘Korean Store’.





   6. Lastly, anything you want to express for customers to know more about you?

We hope to connect Korean brands with Indian customers through this platform for a great business. Also, we have an amazing event coming on an exclusive platform for all Korean products under one roof for exclusive deals and offers on sale between 8th-11th august 2020 and order now. [www.amazon.in/koreanstore]


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Interviewed by Simron Meher.