The newly debuted K-Pop Boygroup, “MY. st” did not let the pandemic hinder their way. They made their debut dream come true in the dire circumstances of March 2020!


MY. st short for a lot of different names like ‘MY Story’, ‘MY Star’, ‘MY Stage’ is a 5-member Boygroup under MYSTAR Entertainment having members made up entirely of ’95 and ’96 liners, namely: Minho, Woncheol, Woojin, Juntae, and Keonwoo. Before their recent debut in Korea, promoting in Japan for 2 years and some of the members had even made quite a name for themselves as participants in Mnet “Boys 24” and “Produce 101 Season 2″.

Having recently performed on Musik-A’s “Indie-pendence Rock” online event which made India go Indie on Independence Day, the quintet boy group also successfully left a strong impression on the hearts and minds of our desi K-Pop fandom!



Hence, KHIGH just had to sit down and interview these wonder rookies that left India wanting to know more of them!

Check out our interview below as MY. st answers all the questions going on in your heads.





KHIGH: Debuting is an exciting nerve-wracking time for all the upcoming idols; which was more exciting, your previous debut in Japan, or the recent one in Korea? 

Woojin – Through the various activities in Japan, we were able to welcome our debut in Korea even more happily!

Minho – Debut is a debut, but whenever I stand on a stage, I feel new and nervous.

Juntae – Both Korean debut and Japan debut were precious, so I liked them both 🙂

Woncheol – Both in Japan and Korea we were happy because I love to show myself in front of my fans.

Keonwoo – In Japan, it was fun to perform on the stage, and in Korea, there was an added fun because it also focuses on broadcasting and contents.


KCON in Japan on May 18th, 2019


KHIGH: Do you have a favorite motto that drove you forward, through the training period for your debut?

Woojin“Be cool and live right.”

Minho – Every time I feel tired, I think that “This too shall pass.

Juntae“Living Positively!” Anything is fine as long as we are being positive 🙂

Woncheol“I can do it!”. I think that I can do anything.

Keonwoo“Live good and honest, and then you’ll be blessed someday.”


KHigh: I heard that you drew inspiration from the beloved drama, Reply 1998 for the title track, “Don’t Know”. In what way did the drama influence the emotions that the track expressed?

Woojin – It was helpful for [getting] the motivation to express the feelings behind our lyrics 🙂


One line that struck them in particular was by actor Sung DongIl who said, “It is also my first time being a father so I didn’t know” which inspires the lyrics for the track that speaks about the awkward emotions of taking things for granted.


KHIGH: Woojin, we heard you participated in the writing and composition of a lot of tracks in the album The Glow: Eden, what was it like to receive such love for the tracks first from the members and then from the audience on their release?

Woojin – Although lacking in my skills, both the members and the fans liked it, and so I’ll plan to work harder to return them [this love]!

Juntae – I received a lot of love and positive responses, but I hope that Woojin and members will heal with more and more good songs 🙂


KHIGH: Can you name a few artists you look up to, Korean and International both? 

Woojin – J.Park, BTS

Minho – PSY

Juntae – IU, TVXQ, BTOB

Woncheol – GD, IU, BTS

Keonwoo – Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Park Hyo-shin, BTOB


KHIGH: Are there any Indian artists that you have listened to and would like to collaborate with? Any Indian movies that you have seen? 

Woojin – I have seen the movie, “3 Idiots”!

Minho“3 Idiots” by Aamir Khan.

Juntae – I really enjoyed the Indian movie, “3 Idiots”!

Woncheol – I was very impressed and enjoyed watching “3 Idiots” too.


Can’t believe that our most loved humorous movie of all-times is absolved by so many K-Pop Groups like MY. st and even IN2IT who we interviewed before!


KHIGH: Your favorite song from your own albums and why? 

Woojin “나 원래(Boy & Girl)” – Because I can listen to it consistently and comfortably.

Minho – When dancing, “몰라서 그래(Don’t Know)”, when listening, “나 원래(Boy & Girl)”.

Juntae“나 원래(Boy & Girl)”. It’s just so relaxing and healing!

Woncheol “몰라서 그래(Don’t Know)”. This song has strong sounds and performance!

Keonwoo“Boy & Girl”– As time goes by, the more I listen to it, the more I find it sounds and feels better.


KHIGH: Your songs make use of such a wide spectrum of sounds from the amazing electric guitar strumming in ‘Boy N Girl’ to the dreamy captive melodies of ‘Don’t Know’  and the sensual melody of the piano and the bass of ‘Fly & High’. Are these variety of sounds a sign of your openness to experimenting with different music? What is your process of choosing a melody for a track?

Woojin – I tend to express the image that I imagined in the rhythm or sound and then develop it more and more.

Juntae – Because I get inspiration from various places, I think that I will come up with good instrument sounds and melodies in visiting those places 🙂

Keonwoo – Amongst the members, we listen to different music, talk about them, and then decide.


KHIGH: Have you thought of a fandom name for your adorable fans yet?

Woojin – I’ve thought about many names, but I think it will be more meaningful if our fans decide it themselves 🙂

Minho – I’ve been thinking about the fandom name many times, but I don’t have a talent for naming…🥺

Juntae – I thought about it, but I still don’t have a name that I like yet!

Woncheol“Flower…?” On our way, it will be a pretty flower road with many flowers called our fans along our side 🌼

Keonwoo“마꿍이,마블이” (my koongie)


Aren’t they just the cutest flower boy rookies you have seen this year 🙂


KHIGH: Any secret talents that the fans don’t know about yet?

Woojin – Psychic powers 😉

Minho – It’s still a secret, but I will show you someday.

Juntae – It’s a secret, so I’ll keep it a secret 🤫

Woncheol – I’m good at running, um no…I was good at running. It’s been so long time since I ran…

Keonwoo – I don’t have secrets 🙂


KHIGH: Your fans adore your dance and song covers, be it of 2PM’s My House or Lee Minho’s FTIsland Cover, so do you plan on dropping a surprise Indian song/dance cover anytime soon because am sure the Indian Fans would absolutely love it!

Woojin – I don’t know yet, but I will try it if I meet (come across a video) that I liked it.

Minho – Right now I’m busy preparing the next album, but I’ll try it out someday 🙂

Juntae – If I have a chance, I want to do it!

Woncheol – I’m planning to cover various kinds of dances and songs.

Keonwoo – If there is anything that suits us, of course, we will!


KHIGH: What is that one thing that you look forward to the most every day? It can be a special relaxing time at home or a hangout with friends after training or just simply your favorite meal of the day.

Woojin – After work, just lying on the bed and using my cell phone 🙂

Minho – To wash up and lie on the bed after all the work is finished!

Juntae – Any time that I’m listening to music with earphones, is a Good time 🙂

Woncheol – Making a meal and also, meeting my friends sometimes after practice.

Keonwoo – The Dinner Menu!


 KHigh: Any upcoming events or music planned for the fans? 

Woojin – I’m focusing on our next album for now.

Minho – I’m always ready, so please look forward to it.

Juntae – We are preparing a lot of things, but it’s still a secret 😉

Woncheol – We’re trying out many things to make our fans happy at all times 🙂

Keonwoo – Preparing for a comeback and various other content like online fan meetings, etc.


MINHO- Like I said, “This too shall pass away” so everyone, don’t give up! Cheer up!:)


KHIGH: A lot of people are going through stressful times because of the pandemic, so can you say a few comforting words to inspire them to keep going?

Woojin – Too many bad things are happening. Free and happy times seems to be gone, but we will work hard so that people can still feel happiness in them 🙂

Minho – That’s what I said before, “This too shall pass”, so everyone, don’t give up! Cheer up!

Juntae – It’s a hard time, but I hope the day will come soon when we can overcome it and enjoy our daily lives with a smile again! Fighting!

Woncheol – We’ll always be with you and we’ll be by your side when it’s hard, so let’s be happy together!

Keonwoo – We think this circumstance is an opportunity, (to comfort their fans through us) and we’re going to fill in the gaps and make a great appearance. So we hope that you will find and feel even a small bit of happiness that you haven’t felt before 🙂



Know more about the group by checking out their Korean debut track, “Don’t Know” which shines a light on each member’s unique charms and honed skills with a sometimes soft and mellow and sometimes powerful and alluring melodic sentimentality!


The group has also shot the “[Pops in Seoul] MY ROOKIE DIARIES” where they introduce their group and show off their fun sides in engaging and humorous rounds of the show!


Also bear witness to their amazing vocal talents as they cover iconic tracks like the one below which is the K-Drama OST from the show, ‘Goblin’ titled, “Beautiful” sung originally by Crush. It is covered here by the mellifluent main dancer from MY. st, the so-proclaimed ‘cutie sexy’ Jeong Woncheol 😉

Thank you so much, MY. st for sharing with us the start of this special journey and for inspiring fans globally through your music and your words in times when they all must be going through a lot. We will always cheer for you and are patiently waiting for the next chapter of  “MY Story”!