EXO Anniversary

EXO had celebrated its 9th Anniversary this year on 8th April 2021. To celebrate the occasion TeamEXOIndia had made a weighty donation that was purposeful for rural girls on the 7th of April.

The donation of Rs. 20,000 accumulated was then paid to Goonj. The donations were said to be utilized for providing female hygiene essentials and sanitary needs of the rural females.

In the words of TeamEXOIndia “Giving back to the society “ is the motto they adapted from EXO and they wanted to give back the society with all they have for their favorite group’s anniversary as well.

Goonj is an NGO working to provide a helping hand in rural development. TeamEXOIndia and EXO-Ls made this project a success and mentioned that they would love to organize more such meaningful projects in the future well!

EXO Anniversay Celebration By EXO-Ls With A Weighty Donation For Sanitary Needs Of Rural Girls


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