“India is very Diverse.”

“It’s tough to show our strength as K-Pop fans, because we’re all so far apart.”

“I bet am the only one that listens to K-Pop in my city.”

“Will our Idols ever know we’re not small in number?”

“If there’s something in my city only then i will go.”

As a K-Pop fan we’ve all either said one of these or heard them, there’s more of course each day our worries, excuses become more creative. The statements above are not false but they’re definitely  hurdles that can be jumped!

Indian EXO-Ls are here to prove this, they’ve had enough and have taken the matter in their own hands.



The Fansite called Team EXO India is celebrating EXO L Anniversary, by this event they want to cover more and more cities. Channeling EXO’s motto, their sole purpose is to unite EXO-Ls and become one.

The meets that have been announced are:

Bhubneswar, July 29th


Tripura, August 4th & 5th

Delhi, August 5th

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Another city for the ExoL birthday celebrations! Get ready Delhi Eris! We are back with our new event.This event will have many activities and loads of fun. To book your seats make the payment using the given details. Not only that, but you can also take part in Exo dance/vocal/fanart contest and win exciting prizes. Make sure to contact @koko_trash for the registration form after making the payment and also for the contest registration form. (Registration will not be considered if you do not fill the form) There is one more surprise which will be revealed in the event itself. So don't be late and book your seats asap because seats are limited. #exolhappybirthday #EXO #ExoL #suho #kyungsoo #kai #sehun #lay #chen #baekhyun #chanyeol #xiumin

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Kolkata, August 5th

Assam, August 5th

Nagaland, August 4th

Bangalore, August 12th



Ahmedabad, August 5th

Hyderabad, August 12th


More cities (like Lucknow, Mumbai) are yet to be announced, the fans’ response has been positive and a footfall of 500 fans in total is expected! Stay tuned to their Instagram page (@indian_exol) if you don’t want to miss out.