EXO Don't Fight the Feeling

EXO’s comeback on June 7, 2021, was a much-awaited and highly anticipated one. EXO released their special album Don’t Fight the Feeling with five tracks.  The title song and the album charted to #1 on iTunes India within hours of its release. EXO-Ls in India showed their gusto and charted EXO’s songs to the peak as their favourite group made a comeback. Several hashtags related to the group were also trending on Indian Twitter within minutes of the album’s release.

EXO’s Don’t Fight the Feeling charts to #1 on iTunes

EXO’s Special album Don’t Fight the Feeling and the title track, both charted to #1 on Indian iTunes within hours of its release. All five songs from the album were in the Top 10 list as well. The album charted to #1 in 75 countries and the song charted to #1 in 35 countries (at the time of writing)

EXO iTunes India

The music video garnered over 5.6 Million views within four hours of the release. Watch the music video of EXO’s Don’t Fight the Feeling here:

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