EXO Kai Peaches

Having had his solo debut in 2020, everyone’s favourite main dancer and fashion icon is now back. EXO’s KAI first dropped his viral hit ‘Mmmh’ for his solo debut mini-album ‘Kai’. It topped several international charts, is a platinum-seller and also debuted on 4 Billboard charts. And now, he’s had his first comeback with his 2nd EPPeaches’. While ‘Kai’ was sensuous and glamorous, ‘Peaches’ is raw and emotional as we get to see a new side of the K-Pop idol.

Kai released ‘Peaches’, his 2nd mini-album on November 30 with the title track ‘Peaches’. Like the concept photos and the video teasers hinted, the album and the lead single is sentimental and youthful with callbacks to his time as a rookie. ‘Peaches’ is a moody R&B song with a groovy rhythm and a heavy bassline full of 808 elements that allow Kai to do what he does best with the graceful choreography accentuated in flowing hanboks and soulful vocals. He continues his romantic streak as he compares how the lover is like a peach and wants to be together in their own utopic world.


KAI’s album ‘Peaches‘ is as dynamic as his style as we got 6 tracks that showcased his range as an artist. The EXO star has experimented with different genres like b-side ‘To Be Honest’ which is a romantic song with 808 bass and drums. ‘Blue’ on the other hand is an R&B track with pop sounds that when juxtaposed with the lo-fi guitar and piano melodies is an emotional song. Similarly, ‘Vanilla’ is experimental as the indie-pop song makes use of bongos and tropical synths. ‘Domino’ is a hip-hop song with the message of doing your own thing without worrying about others’ opinions while ‘Come In’ allows us to enjoy the R&B-trap music that we loved in ‘Kai’.


Did you like the new route that Kai took? Have you heard ‘Peaches’? Which track was your favourite? Let us know in the comments.
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