As fans of K-Pop and K-Drama, we all want to visit South Korea. It has been almost four months of the COVID-19 lockdown in India now. Since we cannot travel outside of our homes, KHIGH brings to you a a virtual journey to South Korea with its #KHIGHLOCKDOWN Segment! In this segment, you will get to visit various locations from K-Dramas, K-Pop MVs, and movies which have become popular tourist spots! So get ready for a wonderful journey to South Korea every week!

Our first travel destination will definitely appeal to the fans of Zion.T!

image credits – Yanghwa BRDG on Spotify


I am sure you must have guessed which place are we visiting first!

Let’s go into a little bit of history, before we travel!

Seoul in South Korea is known for its metropolitan lifestyle. Apart from that, it is famous for towers and bridges too. One such famous bridge which connects the north and south sides of Han river is the Yanghwa bridge. The old bridge was constructed with Korean technology after Korean Independence in 1945. The bridge serves as a connection between Seoul and the west coast.


Zion.T’s song ‘Yanghwa BRDG’ has struck chords with millions worldwide. If you have heard the song, I am sure you must have wanted to visit the Yanghwa Bridge and have an experience for yourself. The song, although has simple lyrics, resonates heavily with the listeners. Zion.T wrote the song with his family in mind, but it has been relatable to many families. He wrote the song in 30 minutes on a flight.

The catch phrase from the song has a message of hope and happiness for the listeners.

“아프지 말고 좀 아프지 말고
행복하자 행복하자”

-Zion.T “Yanghwa BRDG”

Trans. – Let’s not be sick, let’s not be sick. Let’s be happy. Let’s be happy.


One can see Bukhansan in the backdrop of the bridge. Bukhansan is the highest mountain within the Seoul city boundaries. When you travel on the Yanghwa Bridge in day time, you can see the sparkling Han river below and green lush mountains surrounding the bridge.

Bukhansan in the backdrop of Yanghwa Bridge. Image credits-


The bridge also has a space for pedestrians and cyclists to have a stroll along the side of the bridge. Various messages of hope and happiness are written on the sides of the sidewalks.

Watch the Official MV for Yanghwa BRDG by Zion.T here! It is such a catchy song, isn’t it?


Visit the Yanghwa Bridge here:

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