ASTRO Priyamani

Actress Priyamani is a well-known actress from the South Indian film industry. She recently appeared on an Instagram live with Bollywood Journalist Garima Kumar for promoting her latest movie “Narappa”. The interview was a treat for the fans, for they got to speak with their favourite actor. But, it was an additional treat for AROHAs, because Priyamani had some interesting revelation to make.

“Family Man 2” actress Priyamani is an AROHA

While speaking to a fan, Priyamani confessed that she is a fan of the K-Pop group ASTRO. In the above video recording from her Instagram live, one can see that she admitted to loving ASTRO’s songs. She also said that she likes Stray Kids and that she hasn’t listened to a lot of NCT songs, but she likes their latest release ‘Hot Sauce’ (by NCT Dream).

The desi fandom went a step ahead, and found that the ace actress also follows ASTRO members on Instagram. This revelation by Priyamani has definitely earned her a few brownie points from the desi AROHAs. Priyamani was recently seen in the web series “Family Man 2”.

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