K-Pop co-ed supergroup Triple7

While we may have the supergroup SuperM and the co-ed group KARD, GH Entertainment is going on a whole another level by taking the two concepts and creating the K-Pop co-ed supergroup Triple7. Triple7 has taken the members of the boy group B.I.G and of the girl group 3YE to create a project group.

B.I.G is a 4-member boy group that debuted in 2014 with a large fanbase from countries like Brazil, Chile and Mexico due to their ‘Special Latin Tour’ and hit covers of Spanish songs. They’re also the first K-Pop act to drop an Arabic song with ‘Illusion‘. Then we have 3YE that debuted in 2019 with three female members and went viral in India for their cover of ‘Dilbar‘. They were previously a part of the girl group Apple.B.

Source: @triple7.official on Instagram

Interactions between idols of opposite genders are very rare since agencies and fandoms keep a strict eye on them. However, the idea of merging groups of the same label where the members already know each other is very novel. This has perked the ears of netizens as they wonder if it will be possible with their favourite groups for example an SM co-ed supergroup of Red Velvet and EXO or a JYPE supergroup with Itzy and Stray Kids. While this is all conjecture, with the introduction of this unique concept by Triple7, a new door has opened up for the K-Pop industry

With a total of 7 members, Triple7 debuted on August 10, 2021 with their digital single ‘PRESENTE‘. Perfect for the summer, the Latin-pop track is full of brass sounds with a fierce chorus. The music video is equally enchanting with a vibrant set-up as the co-ed group dances amongst different elements like fire and water.

Watch the music video for Triple7‘s ‘PRESENTE‘ below.

What do you think about Triple7? Did you like their debut single ‘PRESENTE’? Would you want any of your favourite groups to form a co-ed supergroup? Let us know in the comments below.

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