After much wait and anticipation, Fila India has officially announced that they will be launching the Love Yourself collection, a collaboration with the K-Pop stars BTS, in our country. 

Where can it be ordered?

The apparel can be ordered from the official Fila website as well as VegNonVeg and Super Kicks. Although the collection launched worldwide in April this year, it will definitely be worth the wait now that the pre-order has begun in India. The pre-order period is from the 23rd to the 25th of September and details regarding the same have been up on their social media accounts since the 21st.


What does the Collection entail?

The collection is priced between ₹5,199 and ₹7,499 and each item comes with BTS’ logo and a label as well as a holographic seal proving the authenticity of the product. The sporty goods include clothes, shoes and accessories with little touches of BTS incorporated into them such as their logo and bits of art or words from their DNA and IDOL music videos in a range of colours and sizes.



Since the products have internationally released in April, a lot of BTS fans (and some non-fans too) managed to get their hands on the special collection. Read what they had to say down below:

“This shirt is SO COMFY. I love the color and the length of the sleeves. It’ll be great for a little bit cooler weather (the material is a little thick for hotter weather and also AMAZING).”
– Binta B.


“Love the colors and the subtle design. Perfect for summer! Fits genuine to size and feels quite comfortable for a canvas shoe.”
– Esther W.


“Love the simplistic design and it’s convenient size ☺️💜 enough to fit necessities + an Army Bomb”
– Kye E.



BTS became the global ambassadors for Fila in 2019 and ever since then ARMYs have been showing even more love to the clothing company. Slowly but surely Indian stans have been getting more and more recognition from BTS and BigHit Entertainment, so let’s hope that the number of interactions never stops growing.


What do you think about the FILA X BTS LOVE YOURSELF collection launching in India? Did you manage to purchase any of the products? Tell us down below in the comments!