Hello Everyone I’m RIYA from Delhi. And today I’m here to share my story with you all. I’m suffering from a rare disease known as FOP that stands for Fibrodysplacia Ossificans Progressiva.

While living with this condition I have so many physical issues even my many muscles are stiffened. I can’t sit and walk properly. I know its hard to live with it but i found a way to live with this condition and that way is K-Pop.

I got into Kpop through K-dramas in mid-2014. Their tunes were so refreshing and also their lyrics and mvs have hidden and beautiful meanings. The first group from which I started my kpop journey is Super Junior. Their song Swing (originally by their subgroup Super Junior-M) motivated me a lot. Kpop helped me a lot in many ways. Whenever i feel mentally destroyed, i listen to kpop and it helped me a lot. It inspired and motivated me in many ways. I always tried to figure out the meaning of the lyrics and the message that the song wants to deliver. Whenever a new song came out, i try to find its meaning by listening to it on loop. Sometimes I found myself emotionally connected to the song.

Kpop is like a friend to me who’s there whenever i need it. It clears out my mind and makes me happy or better say the reason why I’m smiling now is kpop And here I’m now a big fangirl of too many groups. Main groups who i love to listen to are EXO, KARD, BTS, ATEEZ, etc.

Luckily i got to attend KARD’s Concert and Fanmeet in July 2019 in Delhi. I got the honor to meet all the members so closely and i thank the organizers Pinkboxevents for turning one of my dreams into a reality. It still feels like a dream to me and after that, i also attended MONT’s Fanmeet in Oct 2019 in Delhi.

Being a fangirl and meeting the artists still feels like a beautiful dream to me. It felt so great to cheer for them and seeing them live. I can’t even accept the fact that mann I saw them in person. Not only the songs, but sometimes some real-life stories of artists also inspire a fan in many ways.

The message i want to deliver to all is: “Never lose focus on what you want to do. People will try and pull you down. It is extremely important to be emotionally strong and be focused. Do it your own way and don’t be afraid of making mistakes.”