Kudla Korea Culture Fan Club is a club set in Managalore. It officially debuted on Instagram on March 21, 2019. Recently it had organized a Hallyu Fest in Mangalore, with Namas K as their sponsors. This was their very first event held in Mangalore.


The Hallyu Fest was held on Sunday, May 26th. Being their first event, the response was great with 70 attendees in total, quite fruitful and optimistic. There were kpop merch stalls and fun activities in the fest.



They had kpop MV screenings, clips from Kdramas, Korean food stall. There was also a fun activitiy of guessing the kpop song or choreography. When it comes to food, Korean mostly use chopsticks, so this use of chopsticks was added to an interesting game where the participants had to transfer 5 dried peas from one to another in just 10seconds! It may sound easy, but it definitely wasn’t! They also had a section where various fan arts we’re displayed. Cherry on the cake was a giveaway by the sponsors, Namas K.



When asked about their aims and objectives for organizing the event, the KKC team, said:

“Our main aim is to bring together fellow Kpop lovers and promote the love for KPOP and Korean Culture, in the region. To unite all the Korean Culture lovers and create a significantly positive image for the onlookers on how beautiful the Korean Culture and Food is! Lastly, we want to pave way for KPOP in India, and create an open minded space for new, interested people!”

For the future, the KKC team have plans to bring in mainstream kpop, kdrama and korean culture into India; Especially in the southern regions because, the northern regions have had a substantial progress in the recent years. (North-East India knew about kpop way before it became a sensation in India! Dramas were aired on tv too!)

Adding further, the team also aims at putting together a team for designing and creating high quality kpop and kdrama merch at pocket-friendly rates because most of the kpop fans are students.



Lastly, as a parting thought on Hallyu Wave in India, the team has similar thoughts to those of other kpop fans. The team says:

“We want to create a space for Hallyu in India so that people can open their minds to it and accept other forms and language of entertainment. We want to add to the beauty of Indian music by adding the color and brightness of Korean music. And last but not the least, we want the idol-fan relationship to be nurtured in India just like it is in Korea!”


The fest has added to the positive hopes of bringing Hallyu closer to home. The team’s hard work speaks volumes for overlooked regions giving fans a taste of what they love and a gathering of like minded friends. We look forward to witnessing more such events!


Writer: Nandini Iyengar