Nope, the title is NOT a “clickbait”. Although India’s nowhere near, at this moment, under the radar of most of the Hallyu-based-entertainment agencies – Bangalore truly has the golden opportunity to learn from somebody who has worked with numerous Idols, carrying a résumé filled with agencies such as TS Entertainment, CUBE Entertainment etc and oh, hold your breath on this one, HAS GRACED THE LARGEST STAGE ONE CAN IMAGINE – M.A.M.A!


The last Saturday ( 15th September 2018 ), while most of us were dreaming about how it would nice to have some kind of a K-POP related event to be happening around or fanboy/girl-ing on our beloved groups – a K-POP dance workshop was held  in “Attitude Dance Academy” – Kammanahalli, Bengaluru by BKF (Bengaluru Kwave Fans). For people wondering, BKF is the K-POP fan base from ** drum rolls ** Bengaluru and have been actively organizing K-POP events in the city. Yes, they are Bengaluru’s answer for “OMG! PLEASE, SOMEBODY, ORGANIZE AN EVENT -insert city name here- PLEASE?!?!?!! 🙁 “.

The instructor of this workshop was Ms. Park Kyung Ji. Miss Park holds a bachelor’s degree in practical dance from the renowned Sejong University(which has also produced several notable Hallyu stars such as Song Hye-kyo of DOTS fame, Yang Seung-ho of MBLAQ, etc). Apart from having taken part in various prestigious broadcast programs, Miss Park has also won several contests including Jeonnam Youth Club Festival, Night of Sokgo etc.  The event stretched all day long with various K-POP enthusiasts joining the workshop starting from 10:30 AM to 12:30 PM. On conclusion of the first batch, the second batch went on from 1:30 PM to 3:30 PM. Finally, wrapping up with everybody sitting around and talking their heart out (uwu).

Flozi's KPOP Dance Workshop


People who weren’t part of the event didn’t miss anything APART FROM A SESSION FROM SOMEBODY WHO’S PRETTY MUCH DONE EVERYTHING WE HAVE ONLY DREAMT OF, lots of fun and something memorable – that one cannot forget anytime soon! We talked to the organizers who expressed their desire to hold this workshop again and we sincerely urge Bengalureans NOT to miss a golden opportunity like this, at any cost!

Stay with us for more news! 😉

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Pic/Video credits: BKF(Bengaluru Kwave Fans)