G-Dragon (Kwon Ji-yong) in his recent interview with DAZED Korea hinted that he has been working on new music for his group BIGBANG.

Oh, I’m just doing music and Big Bang these days, rather than memos, so I’ve been focusing on finding music keywords related to them, so I spend a lot of time writing lyrics, so I mainly take those notes.” – G-Dragon for DAZED Korea

Within few hours of the news rolling out, fans took over the internet to share their joy and glee over the news

G-Dragon is often referred as the “King of K-Pop” and it is no surprise that this king is the talk of the K-Town. With the buzz around his DAZED Korea’s Interview the news accelerated the endorphin levels.

Image Credits: DAZED Korea

BIGBANG went on a long hiatus and the fans have been trying to eavesdrop and sniff for even a slight hint of comeback from the legendary group. The group released MADE in December 12, 2016, one of the main producers of the album was G-Dragon.

G-Dragon Teases His Fans With The News Of Him Working On New Music
Image credits: DAZED Korea

Though no other news have been in talk from the other members nor the agency. Well, the King himself made the announcement and it is time to muster up for an historic comeback.

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