K-R&B Artist GEMINI who had been in the limelight recently for being the first artist to sign up to GroovyRoom’s new label AREA, has just released a new song ‘MIA’. Featuring skilled artists CAMO and WOODZ, known for their enchanting vocal tones and aura,  the track is as alluring as the artists’ lineup!



“Love is just a feeling I know you feel it too…I’m in love with some idea.”

Intertwining the chill, soothing vocals of the trio with the pleasant guitar melody line, the track promises an eargasmic listening experience; the perfect groove for a late-night car drive. The hues of the bittersweet romantic lyricism of ‘MIA’ also flair up beautifully due to this cohesive blend of all the elements. Hence, even though it is a GEMINI song, the limelight is equally shared by all the artists as the song smoothly transitions from one magnetic verse to another. The hook line, which can make or break a song’s appeal, is also very bewitching as we hear GEMINI singing in a soft, wistful voice, “MIA, MIA, MIA, MIA” (literal meaning: ‘mine’ in Spanish).


Have you heard ‘MIA’ by GEMINI, CAMO & WOODZ? Whose verse did you like the most? Spill your thoughts in the comments.
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