Trick or treat? Halloween is upon us and we decided to make it more scary, more spooky and even a little funny! This Halloween, KHIGH brings you a compilation of some of the funniest and scariest ghost pranks – K-Pop Edition. We have compiled a list of hidden gems from scores of ghost pranks. Some scared us, some reactions made us laugh. So if you’re looking for the goosebumps, we got you BOO! ๐Ÿ˜‰


  • First up is GOT7 –ย  who are known for their funny reactions. This is an old video from their reality TV show Real GOT7. It features all seven members getting pranked! My favourite is JB’s reaction XD


  • Next up is MONSTA X! We bring you another (scary) blast from the past! Poor Jooheon got so scared! He even politely asked if anybody was there. His reaction is definitely a highlight of this video. Watch here:


  • The next scary reaction is from the girl group who just had a comeback! Yes, you guessed it right! The next video is from TWICE! The members participated in a variety show Hit The Stage and were visibly scared by the pranks!


  • Next up on my list are the Produce 101 participants. They were only expressing their concerns about their developments, but little did they know that there was a spooky surprise waiting for them! Ong Seong Woo’s facial expression tops the list! HAHAHA The video editors even compared it the famous painting Screamย by Edvard Munch!

  • Dingga Dingga! I bring you one more girl group ghost prank video featuring MAMAMOO! Poor Wheein must have been so scared…

  • The last on my list is the K-Pop group KNK (ํฌ๋‚˜ํฐ). This is a reaction video to their MV, but little did the members know that there’s more in store!


There’s more where these came from. Which is your favourite ghost prank reaction from this list? Do you have any other favourite prank video?


Written by

Nandini Iyengar

An aspiring translator and a writer!