Making a much-awaited comeback, the 5-member girl group of CUBE Entertainment, (G)I-DLE, has just released its 1st full-length album titled, ‘I NEVER DIE’. This album which comes after a long 1 year+ break period brings to the fore (G)I-DLE’s powerful abilities as K-Pop artists and their unrelenting drive to move forward consistently and freely. Fans of the girl group are given a taste, yet again, of what makes (G)I-DLE the artists that they are!

The title track ‘TOMBOY’ of the album has already bagged the #1 spot on Bugs and on iTunes Songs Charts of 2 countries, Cambodia and Saudi Arabia. The song is also steadily climbing to the top of other charts like Genie and MelOn whereas the name of the group, “(G)I-DLE” is trending #1 on MelOn Real-Time Search (at the time of writing).



“It’s neither man nor woman (Just me I-DLE)…It’s neither man nor woman (Just me loving Tomboy)”

Written and co-composed by member Soyeon who has contributed greatly to the creation process of the entire album, the title track ‘TOMBOY’ is a blazing declaration to the world that despite all difficulties and limitations, (G)I-DLE is a group that is going to be eternally their own selves. “I never die, I am just me”, seems to be the radiating attitude of all aspects of the song – a charismatic daredevil music video, wild rock-inflected melody line, and vocals that shine with as much determination as they do with mellifluent musicality. The badass visuals and the laidback-yet-cool dance routine also enhance the impact on the listeners, inviting them to check out all the other b-side tracks as well where members like YUQI and Minnie showcase brilliantly their lyrical and compositional skills as well. (G)I-DLE, with this comeback, might just have ushered in a new era of their musicality and growth!


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