(G)I-DLE Soyeon's Windy on iTunes India

After (G)I-DLE’s 4th EP, ‘I Burn’ and Universe single, ‘Last Dance’, fans wondered when they would see the girl group again. Well, they heard our prayers and are coming back with solo ventures. The group’s leader, Soyeon dropped her first solo EP, ‘Windy’ on July 5th. It consists of 5 tracks with ‘Beam Beam’ as the title track. It amassed a bunch of achievements along with the music video of ‘Beam Beam’ getting 2 million views on YouTube within 8 hours of its release.

Along with the music video, Neverlands went all out to hype Soyeon’s first mini-album. ‘Windy’ charted on several reputable charts like Bugs, Genie and iTunes. It also made waves in India. Indian Neverlands helped the album, ‘Windy’ chart at #1 on iTunes India. Not only that, the title track, ‘Beam Beam’ ranked #8 on the Top Songs chart (at the time of writing this article).


As a rapper, Soyeon’s EP is quite different from (G)I-DLE’s dance-trap title tracks. Showcasing her rapping skills as well as her vocals, the girl group leader opted for a hip-hop and rock-fused arrangements as seen with her title track ‘Beam Beam’. Talking about her 20s and dreams that she still wants to achieve, all 5 tracks follow this theme. We get to see a fun side of her with the cute retro music video and her parody of the American fast food joint, Wendy’s. 

The EP title and the conscious choice of the genres for the tracks are also to show her “windy” side, a free-spirited side that she hasn’t shown before. Along with Soyeon participating in the production of all her tracks, rappers Bibi and Lee Young-ji wrote the lyrics and were featured on ‘Is this bad b****** number?

We were in awe that Indian Neverlands worked so hard to show their love and support for Soyeon’s first mini-album. We cannot wait to see which (G)I-DLE member will have a solo comeback next.

Are you excited about what (G)I-DLE has in store for us next? What did you think about Soyeon’s debut EP? Which track was your favourite? Let us know in the comments.