GIRIBOY One Snowy Day

GIRIBOY, a renowned K-HipHop artist is back with a new single alongside mellifluent singer, SOLE. The song titled “One Snowy Day”eagerly awaited by many fans given the teaser, delivers the artistic and melodious side of the two artists perfectly.

‘One Snowy Day’ of GIRIBOY portrays a soft, emotional, and snowy vibe that works well with the current weather scenario. Aside from GIRIBOY’s polished rap flow, SOLE’s vocals also excellently suit the song which makes the listeners feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It surely gets them right in their feels!

As opposed to his previous single “AVANTE” which gave listeners more expressive hip-hop vibes, this new single carries lo-fi, old-school feels which enhance the vocal impact of the duo, giving it an overall beautiful touch. It is a must-add to your wintry-solace playlist!


Check out the song below:


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