GOT7 has finally made their much-awaited comeback, as a whole group with their latest homonymous EP, ‘GOT7‘. A year and more after their last ‘Encore‘ release and a period of uncertainty for fans later, the members have rewarded their fans by returning to the music scene together; with an EP that defines their musical identities and is a heartfelt present for fans.

The album and title track ‘NANANA‘ music video, dropped on the 23rd of May after the group successfully finished their first offline event, 2022 fan-con ‘HOMECOMING‘ at the SK Olympic Handall Stadium in Seoul’s Olympic Park, celebrating their first seven-member promotions, after leaving JYP Entertainment. The title track and another track on the album, ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone‘ were performed at the concert, before the official release.

The much-anticipated comeback had an overwhelming and emotional response from fans as it soared to #1 on iTunes Album charts in 55 countries, like Kenya and Uzbekistan, including India, within hours of its release! The title track, ‘NANANA’ also took top spots on iTunes Songs Charts in 44+ regions across the world (at the time of writing).


GOT7 – ‘GOT7’

This is the group’s first album post-JYP, and it’s a testament to the subtle changes the move has brought to the group’s music. They’ve stayed true to their original musical colors while bringing in the personal hues of each seven members. The title track, ‘NANANA’ has a chill K-R&B, cheerful summery vibe, featuring the most aesthetic vibrant sets in the music video where the members are carefree, singing about getting to know their partners better. The EP contains five more songs, featuring the tentative R&B beats, each with a fixated hook, utilizing the best elements of synthpop, and chill Pop. It’s a well-structured piece that redefines GOT7’s identity, now that each member has participated in the production, composition, and lyricism of the album!


This is how GOT7’s seven-year relationship continues to grow stronger and how they keep on refining their music. In a magazine interview, Bambam added, “I think we’ve all grown and improved. Maybe it’s because we went through everything together for seven years, but just as we’d promised, things moved quickly. I was both amazed and really happy.”


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