The new journey of the septet GOT7 has just begun with their latest single, “ENCORE”, released on 2oth February 2021. The sudden news and dropping of this track was a huge surprise and celebration for Ahgases all over the globe not just because it was the septet’s first MV after their departure from JYP but also because it served as the deliverance of the group’s promise of “GOT7 Forever”!


With a reminiscing and heartwarming music video of “ENCORE” which spelled the group’s determination to forge their own path towards their dreams alongside each other and their fans, Ahgases worldwide showed their love and support by for their release and within 24 hours, the single already bagged the #1 spot on 25+ iTunes Charts worldwide! The Indian Ahgases also moved to tears of joy and nostalgia weren’t shy in showering the group with their love as “Encore With GOT7” and “It’s Encore Time” trended on Twitter India and the single hit #1 on iTunes India!





“ENCORE” is a soft, mellow track that speaks of the fulfillment of their promise to their dear fans, the Ahgases, that GOT7 will always continue their musical journey together despite the hardships that they might face on their way. Featuring beautiful moments from their past to glimpses of their soulful singing in the studio, “ENCORE”, co-written by member Jinyoung, is a very warm and special treat for Ahgases who couldn’t have asked for more than- GOT7 together, forever.

“We will sing for you, Even when time passes/ We will sing for you, For the rest of the days too”


It’s ENCORE time now:



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