BamBam India GOT7

After a whole bunch of exciting interactions between GOT7 and the Indian Ahgases this year, Thai rapper BamBam‘s recent Birthday live had the Indian Ahgases going gaga over the compelling and roguish promise of coming to India and his love confession for Indian cuisine.

The rapper had just sometime before, been the talk of our country for wearing a Thai outfit that resembled the Indian traditional “kurta” and so, this latest profession of affection for Indian food and the nation itself, seems even more incredible!


Let’s listen to K-Pop’s skrrt skrrt boy impishly saying, “Hi, India. You know, it’s the country, I really wanna go. So, Stay tuned…I’m coming, if I can!” and mentioning Indian soft bread, “naan” and Indian-style prepared meat when talking of Indian cuisine:

The Indian Ahgases had celebrated 2nd May (BamBam’s birthday) by sharing stories, videos, and trending “#OurPreciousBamBamDay” and “Happy Birthday BamBam” on Twitter India throughout the day. However, the serendipitous, gratuitous mention of India by their favorite boy had the social media platforms brimming with comments that were a mix of disbelief and overwhelming exhilaration during the latter half of the day.

What are your thoughts on this surprising news? Already all tuned in for BamBam’s arrival in India?
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