Since GOT7’s separation with JYP Ent., Indian Ahgases support has been tremendously strong as they patiently look forward to the new chapter of each of the members’ lives.

Rapper Mark Tuan opened his new chapter by creating a YouTube channel that recently hit 1 Million subscribers with zero video upload!

With his new start on a roll, Mark uploaded his first video later today showing his reaction to hitting 1 Million and went on to express his love and gratitude to his fans as he promised to upload exciting content in the near future.

However, what really got the Indian Ahgases shivering in un-contained excitement was the surprising news Mark dropped in the video of an upcoming collaboration single titled “ONE IN A MILLION”, with Bangladeshi-American EDM producer, Sanjoy Deb. The much-awaited collaboration news of which Mark had once shared a small snippet of!

“ONE IN A MILLION” is set to be out on 12th February 2021 and is currently available for Pre-saving on Spotify and Apple Music. 

Pre-save the song now:


Sanjoy who had previously also collaborated with GOT7’s Youngjae on the song “Victim of Love”, also shared his contentment about his current collaboration with Mark, tweeting “excited and nervous :D”.

On receiving the news about this iconic cross-cultural collaboration of Sanjoy and GOT7’s Mark, the Indian Ahgases also expressed their support and excitement online through tweets and comments where it seems that Producer Sanjoy Deb also joined in on the fun, replying back to a few Indian fans.




We are just as excited as everyone! “One In a Million” is going to be the first song released by a GOT7 member after their departure from JYP. This song is also Mark’s first solo release for 2021.


We can already tell that 2021 is off to a great start and we look forward to what other surprises GOT7 has in store for us!


Writer: Shreya Thota