GOT7 charts at #1 on iTunes India Album Chart with Album, "Breath of Love: Last Piece"

Proving the proverb, ‘Slow and Steady wins the Race’, GOT7 and their supportive Indian Ahgases have managed to achieve the feat of claiming the #1 spot on iTunes India Album Chart for GOT7‘s latest album, ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece’ after having patiently climbed the charts a spot at a time, after its release.




The self-produced album which features a total of 10 tracks, including the two title tracks, “Breath” (Pre-release) and “Last Piece”,  had previously peaked at #2 spot on iTunes India; A feat that was equally celebrated by the Indian Ahgases as the announcement of this new achievement is sure to bring about!

Other tracks from the album also grabbed spots on iTunes India Songs Charts – ‘We Are Young’ at #133, ‘I Mean It’ at #134, ‘1+1’ at #135, ‘Thank You, Sorry’ at #136, ‘Waiting For You’ at #137, ‘WAVE’ at #138, ‘SPECIAL’ at #139, ‘Born Ready’ at #140 and pre-release, ‘Breath’ at #141 (as at the time of writing).



At the same time, Twitter India also saw trending hashtags like ‘#GOT7_YouAreOurLastPiece‘ by the highly supportive and passionate Indian Ahgases as they showed their love and appreciation for their favorite group’s comeback!



The title track, ‘Last Piece’ which was released along with the album on 30th November 2020 has also started trending on Youtube India across various states of India.


Last Piece 

With a heartwarming romantic message of “You’re the missing last piece”, GOT7’s lead track, ‘Last Piece’, is exactly what pop music is all about: melodic hooks, powerful and enchanting choruses, and the explosive post-chorus verses to tie it all together. Add to this, the power of JB’s smooth composition skills, sleek and sharp dancing moves, and enrapturing visuals, and you have the ultimate bop to groove to this winter season a.k.a., Last Piece by GOT7.



Check out the 2 title tracks below:


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