A Malayalam sitcom called Uppum Mulakum (translation: Salt and Chilli) began airing in 2015 on the channel “Flowers”.

Much to the surprise of ahgases, that were viewing the show, in episode 135 (2016), the song ‘A’ by GOT7 was played!



Naturally, while viewing the video online, fans thought that it was edited. That doubt resulted in people actually looking up the original episode of the show and they found out that it was, in fact, true! The south Indian show had actually featured a GOT7 song!

Ahgases from all over the country expressed their shock and extreme happiness when they saw the clip of A being played in Uppum Mulakum. Some of the comments made were:


You can check out the official episode video down below. The song starts playing at 17:54.

It is an amazing feeling when we find such hidden gems incorporated into Indian shows or channels, especially since it was so many years ago. As time passes, desi kpoppers are finding more and more instances when our industry blended with the Korean one. Let us hope we never stop discovering such precious surprises in Indian entertainment and that there’s more to come.