GOT7’s Choi Youngjae received some very dear gifts, all the way from India earlier this week!

Sublime Artist Agency, his new management, shared adorable pictures of him posing with them! Read on to find the journey of the gifts from an Indian fanpage, all the way to Youngjae’s table in Korea!

It’s been days since GOT7’s official departure and the world watches on as the supergroup members forge new paths for themselves. Talks of the members’ new management teams have been covered in detail by the media and the group’s singer Choi Young Jae officially signed with Sublime Artist Agency. The artist took to Instagram to make the news official with a post on the 20th of January.



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All the post-contract talks make one wonder how Ahgases are dealing with these supposedly tense times? With the utmost joy, excitement, and best of wishes for their idols only!

When the group was under JYP, the fans were not allowed to send in any gifts for the artists. However, Sublime announced on a fan cafe that they will accept gifts that are not prone to damage. 

This came as music to the ears of Indian Ahgases who have yearned to send gifts to show their love and support for the idols. 

“We wanted to do this for a very long time, so we created a donation pool open for 2 days through which we were able to collect Rs 9,700”


Since flower bouquets were not allowed, Indian Ahgases customized the gifts to suit the artist’s liking.

As flower bouquets are not allowed we customized it, like artificial flowers and Groots, GOT7 always has this soft spot for Groot”

However, their unending support didn’t end at sending the customised Star Wars character bouquets for Youngjae. Since the agency had been warm and welcoming to both the artist and the fans, Ahgases also sent along customised artificial flower bouquets and a letter to show their token of gratitude and appreciation.

True to their word, Sublime accepted the gifts and Youngjae seemed to have absolutely adored them! The agency posted pictures of him posing with the customised figurines with a classic Star Wars caption!

The Agency shared not one, but two Twitter posts showing a very happy Youngjae enjoying his custom gifts! We can only imagine how elated Indian Ahgases might be right now! Their idol received all their love and affection with gratitude!

Sublime Artist Agency is also a partner of Team Wang, who manage Got7’s Jackson Wang, and also have a range of artists, trainees, actors signed with them.

Ahgases worldwide were touched by the little meaningful details crafted by the Indian fans and showered the initiative with their love and admiration. 

Youngjae’s wide smile and sparkling eyes say it all! What a thoughtful and kind gesture on behalf of Indian Ahgases, bearing the torch of love and support for their idols and Ahgases worldwide!

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