One of the most respected R&B/Soul singer-songwriters of South Korea, GSoul (real name, Kim Ji-Hyun) has been dabbling and dazzling in music for more than 2 decades now! He first made his debut with EP “Coming Home” on January 19, 2015, after 15 long years of training.

Since then, the bilingual artist has not only given music enthusiasts, expressive songs like “Another Sad Love Song”, “Hate Everything”, “Tequila (ft. Hoody)”, “Can’t” etc. but also golden features like on Epik High’s “End of The World”, H1GHR MUSIC’s “Red Tape”, SMTM performance songs like ‘Eyes On Me’ of Junoflo in SMTM6 and ‘Hero’ of Khundi Panda in SMTM9. His mellifluous melodies have also taken listeners captive through his OSTs for hit K-Dramas like Sisyphus: The Myth and Full House, and even through his composition skills for albums like EXO’s The War: The 4th Album.

The latest addition to this long list of great music releases by GSoul is his first-ever English EP “NATURAL”, released in the latter half of 2021. Bringing forth 5 pristine tracks that are testimonial of GSoul’s elite penmanship, ethereal vocals, and evocative musical sensibilities, “NATURAL” delivered just what the world needed for an optimistic closure to the ending year – the perfect antidote for the soul. At this transitional phase (2021 to 2022), KHIGH caught with GSoul and went over all his thoughts about NATURAL, its creation process, his discovery of and liberation from the self, and his plans for the future (for which subtle teasers lie ahead!).

GSoul NATURAL Teaser


KHIGH: Congratulations on your latest EP ‘NATURAL.’ It’s so relaxing in the way it employs R&B-acoustic sounds, seeming almost weightless. What would you say was the concept for the album?

GSoul: It’s about my love and appreciation for my fans and my loved ones. I definitely wanted to give my fans what they would want to hear from me – R&B, Soul, Jazz influence, and even some gospel message!

KHIGH: This EP was hailed as bringing out a different charm of artist GSoul and his musicality. Do you think this EP delivers that?

GSoul: I don’t think it is bringing a different charm of me. It’s more about carrying the essence of who I am as an artist. 


KHIGH: You have been a part of the Korean music scene for a long time now (15 years as trainee +7 active years). How do you think your soundscape has evolved over the years?

GSoul: I’ve tried many different genres and sounds over the years. Now, I try not to overthink in the creative process and always stay sincere in my music. It has become a lot more rawer than it used to be I think. 


KHIGH: What was the biggest motivation factor/event that propelled you to become a singer?

GSoul: My aunt used to sing at local clubs and she introduced me to many kinds of music. That was my first start. After that, I became obsessed with R&B-Soul music growing up. 


KHIGH: Among your diverse discography, which song of yours would you recommend to a first-time listener? 

GSoul: “Hate Everything.” It is my personal favorite!

KHIGH: Being multi-lingual, which language do you think/write in during the creative process? Would you be interested in singing in other distinct languages too?

GSoul: I usually write in English first. That’s why I have many songs in English. I think my fans (both global and native) just love for me to sing in any language. But, Yes I really want to sing in even more different languages in the future! 


KHIGH: The self-liberating message of the track, ‘Free (I’m Gonna Be)’ resonated with a lot of listeners globally. What was the inspiration behind the track?

GSoul: I was dealing with severe depression at that time and I felt like a prisoner of my own mind. ‘Free (I’m Gonna Be)’ is hence a song about my affirmation to be free from my own self and I think a lot of people can relate to that message. 


KHIGH: The music video of ‘Natural’ features one of the most picturesque cinematography. Which scene or place was your favorite?

GSoul: The falling into the water scene would have to be my favorite because it was freezing cold that day. (Haha)


KHIGH: You have made your mark in R&B/Soul and Acoustics; even utilizing jazz elements in your latest EP. Which genres would you like to try next? How about romantic Bollywood music? 

GSoul: Oh that’s a good idea. I would love to try that. I’m open to all genres, really!


KHIGH: You have already collaborated with a lot of different artists belonging to distinct genres. Who is on your radar next? Is there an unexpected collaboration awaiting your listeners?

GSoul: Might be…I don’t want to spoil it! (Haha)


KHIGH: Your song covers instilled with a prominent GSoul flair have been fan-favorites. Which song would you like to cover next if given the time and opportunity? 

GSoul: There are so many beautiful songs I have in mind…They’re coming! 


KHIGH: Now that you have come back with an EP, are there any plans being formulated for a concert anytime soon?

GSoul: Well we’ll have to wait and see with this Covid situation, but I can’t really wait to meet my fans on stage again!


KHIGH: Lastly, can you please say a few words for your fans worldwide? 

GSoul: Words cannot describe how grateful I am to be an artist who now has fans all around the world. I’m living my dream and you guys made my dream come true. I love and thank you guys so much!


Have you checked out ‘NATURAL’ by GSoul yet? Which tracks by him are a part of your K-R&B/Soul playlist? What was your favorite part of the interview? Let us know in the comments.
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