It’s been a while since lockdown and at this point, we’re all wondering what we can do to distract ourselves from the negative pond, that is our thoughts and midnight conversations with our best friends about failing lifestyles and not being able to meet up. So today we’re listing down a bunch of things you can do with your family and get them interested in Korean culture, dramas and K-pop of course.

#1 Create!

Make a video with them to your favourite Bollywood/Kollywood like k-pop songs. Now the best trick to get family members interested in songs from a different language is to tell them that it sounds like something familiar and relatable, i.e Indian movie music.


see full video here

#2 Cook together

If there’s a member of the family that likes to eat/cook, this is the ideal thing to do with them! Korean food is intensely flavoursome just as Indian food is and have similar ingredients such as garlic! If you’re afraid it’s too different then try to make a Desi version, for example, our Desi Vegetarian tteokbokki recipe. Or this easy and yummy cucumber soup. 

#3 Play traditional Korean game

Do any of you remember playing the 5 stone game pacheta when you were younger? Did you know that the Korean 5 stone game Gonggi is essentially the SAME thing! How fascinating is that? This game is so much fun and addicting to play! You must’ve seen a bunch of your favourite idols playing too. You could also play rock paper scissors in the intense Korean style while saying the words in Korean. Another interesting game is the potato chip game. Warning though, you might get a call from the neighbours, but you could just ask them to join you! Lastly, there’s the pompom football game.

You can see BTS play the stone game on this run episode.

‘Annyeong keullaeohpateuhra Saesangaeseo jaeilganeun Potaetochip’

Another version of this game is the oranji game, where along with screaming your lungs off, you do cute hand gestures. Watch the Boyz play it at 22:50.

Watch TOO play the pompom game at 1:07.


Bonus game: the whisper challenge

Yes, it’s not a traditional Korean game, but it’s FUN! You could either play it or watch the countless idol groups play and have a laughing fit.



#4 House Party

What use are phones, laptops, home theatres, speakers of any kind, if you’re not blasting you favourite K-pop song at home and irritating your fam until they’re dancing along with you and even singing those songs?

Day 1: Father: turn that noise off

Day 2: Father: This song isn’t bad

Day 3: Father: *sings his own words and plays imaginary tabla* 

#5 Watch a Korean drama with your family!

While a lot of Korean dramas have silly themes and are too romantic and soft to watch with your parents, some are highly dramatized family stories that are similar in many ways to Indian soaps but much shorter in duration. One such drama recommendation is sky castle. Your parents will know the names of all the characters by the end of it (speaking from experience).

You can also watch some shows dubbed in Hindi on Zee5 or Mx player!

Let us know on social media how it goes and what else you did to make your family day K-fun!