HallyuWave Nagaland with its associating Fanbases is organising ‘HallyuWave Nagaland x Fanbase Talent Month September 2020’

Fan Activities:
🔹Fan Letter
🔹Fan Art
🔹Fan Chant
🔹Music Covers (Vocal / Dance / Instrumental)

The fanbase activity is open to all Indian KPop fans. Any Kpop fan can participate by filling up the G-forms or by getting in touch with thier Stan fanbase under HWN.

Participating Fanbases for ‘HWNxFanbase Talent Month’ with their Insta handle:
Astro : @astronagaland
Ikon : @withikon_nagaland
BTS : @bts.nagaland
SuperM : @superm7nagaland
TXT : @official_txt_nagaland
Stray kids : @straykids_nagaland
Blackpink : @nagalandblinkofficial
Treasure : @treasure_nagaland
Ateez : @ateeznagaland
Seventeen : @carat.nagaland
Day6 : @mydaykilogram.nl
Red Velvet : @reveluvsnagaland_
Twice : @twice_nagaland
Cravity : @cravitynagaland
NCT : @nctzennagasofficial
MonstaX : @monstaxnagalandfc
5High : @5high.fans
Got7 : @got7_nagaland
The Rose : @therosenagaland
MustB : @nagalandmustb