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Looks like her co-star Song Kang, Han So-hee is becoming Netflix‘s favorite actor having starred in several of their K-Dramas like ‘Abyss‘ and the 2021 hit show ‘Nevertheless‘. But unlike the naive Nabi from ‘Nevertheless‘, So-hee is the complete opposite in ‘My Name‘ as she’s ready for vengeance. Knetizens were surprised when they unearthed that So-hee has a ‘punk-rock’ aesthetic in real life with tattoos and piercings that didn’t mesh well with the elegant image that she had thanks to ‘Nevertheless‘. Playing on that, she is going all out for ‘My Name‘ as she upturns the undercover trope by becoming a gang member who infiltrates the police.

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We see a gritty side to her in this revenge drama as So-hee’s character Yoon Ji-woo is willing to go to extreme lengths to avenge her murdered father. Helped by Choi Moo-jin, a dangerous drug lord with ulterior motives, Ji-woo goes undercover as a cop. While looking into her father’s murder, she gets stuck with police officer Jeon Pil-do who runs by the rules. To top it off, her squad leader is Cha Gi-ho who is the arch-enemy of her mafia boss Moo-jin. Both have vowed to take each other down. Amidst the hidden motives and secrets where no one is who they seem, Ji-woo has to navigate on her own to fulfill her promise to avenge her father.

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Officer Jeon Pil-do is played by none other than Ahn Bo-hyun. From the bullying antagonist in ‘Itaewon Class‘ to the shy colleague and love interest in the rom-com ‘Yumi’s Cell‘, Bo-hyun is set to show us yet another interesting character as the stoic officer in ‘My Name‘. Moviestar Park Hee-soon of ‘The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion‘ fame returns to the small screen as the mafia boss Moo-jin. Everyone’s favorite, the loveable Kim Sang-ho is also starring in the show. His notable roles were as the trigger happy amputee from room 1408 in ‘Sweet Home‘ and the royal sidekick Mooyoung in ‘Kingdom‘. With both dramas being Netflix originals, it looks like the production has roped him in once again to play squad leader Gi-ho who cannot retire before taking down Moo-jin’s drug ring.

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Han So-hee, in fact, confessed that she was stiff and not good at movement initially. And so for her stunts and the nimble fight scenes with guns and knives as seen in the trailer, the actress went to action school for 5 days every week. The K-Drama has been directed by Kim Jin-min who has previously helmed the psychological thriller ‘Extracurricular‘ and the action fantasy ‘God Of War‘. Netflix is going as dark and gory as they can with this noir-crime thriller of a show. ‘My Name‘ will also be broadcast at the Busan International Film Festival. With a total of 8 episodes, the show will be released on Netflix on October 15

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