The multinational septet that bagged one of the Worldwide Fans’ Choice Awards of MAMA 2020, GOT7 has got Indian Ahgases going gaga over their latest self-produced album, ‘Breath of Love: Last Piece’ which peaked at #1 on iTunes India. 

To show their love for this new album and it’s title track, ‘Last Piece’, these desi fans undertook a fun project together called the ‘Last Piece Challenge’ where the Ahgases posed showing the ‘Last Piece’ sign and uploaded this picture with their favourite lyrics from the track.


The statistical data also adds to this showcase of their heartfelt support for the group as India gets recognized as the 2nd country with the Most Streams of GOT7 M/Vs in the 1st week of December; 5.85 Million to be exact!


Almost as if in acknowledgment of this stream of heartwarming love flowing from India for them, GOT7 is seen answering not just one, but two questions from a lucky Indian Ahgase on the Twitter Blueroom live regarding their pre-release track, ‘Breath’ and their coping mechanisms for the stressful pandemic times.


The fan, Shivanya first questioned excitedly, “Who whistled in Breath? Who came up with the idea of whistling because it sounds so mesmerising to the ears!!!”. Vocalist Youngjae answered the question while whistling the alluring tune in between it, saying, “When I was recording it, I did the whistling myself on the guide, but since the machine AI gives a cleaner sound, so I did it with the AI!”


Her second question, “This pandemic has been stressful for everyone everywhere emotionally & mentally. I’m sure for you as well, how did you cope with it?” was read out by Bambam in his quirky Bambam-style manner which made the members laugh despite the serious question 🙂


To this question, all the members had different responses. JB said, “My health is the most important for me to perform so I tried to be healthy.” and Maknae Yugyeom said, “I tried to do everything at home; working on music and such. The live broadcasts…through that I communicated with the fans and came up with stuff to do”. Bambam did “pumping” and Jinyoung with thoughts of how “Everyone goes through it but I can’t risk others by going out”, stayed at home, adding that “When it got a bit better, I went to work out alone…but still it was like Mission Impossible!”


I recently moved from Delhi to Mumbai for my Job and  was having a rough day adjusting here with all the changes, and right then I got a notification saying “GOT7 mentioned you in their tweet”. I could not believe my eyes! I checked the tweet like 15-20 times to confirm it was really true. I was on cloud nine! They really turned my worst day into my best day 🙂

– Shivanya


In addition to this fateful interaction of the Indian Ahgase fandom with GOT7, the septet has also showered more love on India in a recent V LIVE on 11th December 2020 which not only saw Jackson saying “Hi India” and “I love you India” but also saw the members, Yugyeom and Bambam laughingly telling Jackson to go to India and expressing their own wishes of visiting the country!



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In view of all this statistical data, iTunes India Chartings and fun projects on the part of the Indian Ahgases and the equally responsive love and acknowledgment from GOT7 for their never-ending support, it is easy to spot the increasing power and zeal of the Ahgase Fandom in India who are always proud of the septet for being what Rapper Jackson in an interview says, “A team that just does what we want, how we want, and how we feel like doing it.”


Are you an Indian Ahgase too? Did you take part in the Last Piece Challenge?
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