The much anticipated Summer Special Album of the 6-member girl-group, APRIL was finally released on 29th July, 2020 titled ‘Hello Summer!’. The title track of the album, ‘Now or Never’ is a total summer bop with cheerful lyrics, addictive tunes and the cutest pizza ever 😉


However, what the desi K-Poppers should also have their eyes on is the fact that our very own Indian producer, Mr. Appu Krishnan who had previously produced a track for GOT7 and had hinted on working with a girl-group in the near future (in our EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with him) has finally showed his hand, as he produces and co-writes this refreshing summertime bop for APRIL!



Mr. Appu Krishnan was all praises for APRIL and their company, DSP Media,

“APRIL did such a great job! I was blown away hearing their amazing vocals with the Korean lyrics as before that I had only heard our demo in English :). They sang everything so perfectly and really took the track to the next level. They also did such a cute music video which is a perfect match for the song:)!  So Big thanks to DSP for all their amazing support and a great song mix. I loved it on my very first listen only!”


He also opened up about the creation process of the summer track explaining passionately how everything just came together perfectly!

 “Justakiid and I had the skeleton track ideas of a verse and pre-chorus and just some drums or so for the hook 🙂 I sent it to my amazing songwriter friend Mayu Wakisaka and she thought it would be a great summer song with the proper hook. So I went in and did the horn lines. Then Mayu and I figured out the right chords and we finished the hook. She wrote the English concept and we had demo vocals. 72 and our Korean lyricists, JQ and makeumine also did an amazing job with the rest of the top-line and adding the lyrics. They also made sure the vocal production was done perfectly and I believe, also supervised the process in Korea (I was in LA). Lastly, the label’s engineer did the mixing.”



Mr. Appu was also kind enough to explain to us the difference in creating this track for a girl-group and his previous tracks for the boy-groups he had worked with so far. Exclaiming, “Both girl and boy groups are equally fun!”, he told us that the difference in production really depended on the group and song concept and the key of the song which has to fit the female vocal range and vice-versa.
He added further, “If we are specifically going for let’s say a summer vibe, happy girls song I’ll make sure we have bright sounds playing happy major chords, bells etc. I would also make sure the groove is easily danceable and the hook has the proper arrangement for everyone to sing together and blend well. Now or Never is a good example of that.”


He also left a special message with us for all the desi fans to show his gratitude for all the love,

“We had tons of fun making this and I really hope you feel the same fun listening to it and that you love it :). So listen away, dance, stay happy and be safe! Appreciate all your constant love and support !”


Didn’t this just get you all hyped up to listen to the track 😉 ? 

So, get ready to feel the summer now or never and check out the super cute music video that will give you the feeling of going to a hyped summer beach party while staying right in your homes down below.




Have you been vibing to this summer bop in your homes?
Aren’t you so proud to see an Indian lead work in the K-Pop field?
Spill your thoughts in the comments!