EXO-Ls are undoubtedly one of the biggest international K-Pop fandoms, and it is a known fact that a sizable amount of EXO fans are Indian. A few fans in particular though, have used their influential power as an EXO fanbase to celebrate the anniversary of their fandom in many interactive and creative ways.

6 years ago on 5th August 2014, it was officially announced that EXO fans were called EXO-Ls. The L stands for Love and it means that EXO will love their fans forever. Their fans, in return, love them back and carried out a lot of projects such as the ones below-

@thatmadg on Instagram got a few EXO-Ls to get their baking skills going and create EXO themed cakes.

Click the post below to look at the pictures and videos of the different cakes that were made.


Another Instagram page @exols_of_india posted nearly 100 different stories in just 2 days of fans narrating their stories like how they became EXO-Ls and what EXO means to them. 



In addition to those, @ex9dus on Instagram found a way to kill the boredom of EXO-Ls during the quarantine by making a video collage of a bunch of fans doing the fanchant for their hit song “Monster”. Since the participants couldn’t physically meet up, they were shown enthusiastically waving their Pharynx (lightstick), posters, members plushies, etc in the comfort of their own houses. 



On a more serious note, the international fanclub of EXO managed to collect a whopping 3 lakh rupees in collaboration with Small Wish India to donate towards the relief of those affected by the Assam floods. Amongst the money raised, 20% was from international fans and the Manipur EXO-Ls made the highest collective donation at ₹18,100. Reportedly, even some members of the BTS ARMY helped donate towards this good cause as well. The funds helped aid 600 people including those stranded in flooded villages. (source: EastMojo)

There were just a few of the amazing, creative things EXO-Ls have worked on during this quarantine and it is evident that the fandom sure knows how to have a good time as well as use their numbers to make a true difference in this world.


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