How many of us message, comment and reply on our bias’ accounts on a daily basis hoping to get a reply?

I bet all of us do and yet this one lucky fan, an Aghase who must have saved a country in his/her past life, got a reply back from her bias, Jackson Wang of GOT7!


Why should it matter to you, you ask? 

It does matter because this one fan voiced out all our, “Indian K-Pop Fans'” thoughts and dreams of seeing our favourite artists perform in our country!


On an absolutely gorgeous picture of Jackson, Call Me: Siri 🇮🇳🍓 MIRRORS 🧀 (@sirisha111084) tweeted the most important question for an Indian Aghase, “When are you coming to India 🇮🇳?”, probably not even thinking that in her wildest dreams she will get a response to her question but…..

Jackson Wang, like the box full of pleasant surprises he is, replied:


This positive response from Jackson who has always shown his constant enthusiasm to visit our “Incredible India”, shines a faint yet warm glimmer of hope on the Indian Aghases, making all their efforts to support the boys and garner their attention finally fruitful.

So, the Indian Aghases were equally delighted as Call Me: Siri 🇮🇳🍓 MIRRORS 🧀 (@sirisha111084) on this unexpected glimmer of hope shining on them and tweeted replies, expressing their joy and excitement.

One of them tweeted:

Other replies ranged from how much they loved Jackson Wang to praying for him to come to India to how no matter what, they will always be waiting for him to come 🙂


Celebrating this hopeful atmosphere, let’s also take a look at all the heartwarming moments when Jackson showed his love for our country, shall we?


Here’s another video where Jackson Wang and Jinyoung from GOT7 are showing their surprising love for Bollywood movies!

Think this is it for the recounting of moments?

Think again because the list just goes on and on 😉


Here’s another interview where Jackson calls out India as the place he really wants to visit!


With all the excitement and hopeful atmosphere this one tweet has created, the hopes of each and every one of the Indian Aghases and the Indian K-Pop community at large have gone up and now all we have to do is wait in anticipation for this dream to become a reality 🙂


Pour all your joy and elation at this glimmer of hope shining on India in the comments section below!