Hike In COVID Cases In K-Pop | Stay Safe

Earlier on December 1st,  Top Media Entertainment released an official statement that their artist from UP10TION BIT-TO was tested positive for COVID. The artists were said to visit MBC’s Show! Music Core and SBS’s Inkigayo, which airs on Saturday and Sunday respectively. They were on the show alongside the Girl Group Aespa and Boy Group NCT, the staff, managers, stylists, and the other members were all tested for COVID but the results turned negative for others but the company stated that they will still perform quarantine and follow-up measures in accordance with the government’s guidelines to prevent any transmission of the virus.

The agency released the following statement;


The members Yiren and Sihyeon of the 2019 debut K-pop Girl Group EVERGLOW were tested positive for COVID. The label of EVERGLOW, Yuehua Entertainment released an official announcement regarding the same on EVERGLOW’s OFFICIAL Twitter account.

We wish the artists a speedy recovery.

The Infamous Coronavirus ceased all the ventures of people across the globe and caused a global shut down. The COVID-19 widely known as Corona is caused because of a virus called Coronavirus. This virus can be mainly transmitted through living in close proximity to an infected person when the infected person sneezes or coughs or exhales, the virus gets in the air and the person in the same vicinity is prone to the virus as they will be breathing the same air as the infected person.

Symptoms of COVID can be tracked as follows:
– Fever
– Dry Cough
– Tiredness
– Aches & Pains
– Headaches
– Sore Throat
– Rash on skin or discoloration of fingers
– Loss of taste & the smell


It is necessary to wear a mask which acts as the guard from letting the virus getting into you through breathing. It is advisable to wear a mask in a way that covers the nose and mouth area properly. Staying indoors, maintaining social distance is most important now than ever as it is one of the only ways to shield ourselves from falling prey to the virus that’s on rage. Though it is advisable to avoid any public gatherings and venturing out, few situations can not be helped for situations like such it is advised to maintain all the aforesaid norms and when in doubt it is right to get a checkup just to ensure our safety for us and for those close to us.

We wish all of the readers to stay safe and take proper measures guided by WHO to keep themselves safe from the Virus.