HOSHI Spider

Making a statement of his limitless creative potential and growth, Kwon Soonyoung, better known as HOSHI from the 13-member boy group SEVENTEEN, has just enthralled the world with his first solo mixtape titled “Spider”. Through this debut solo single released on 2nd April 2021, the 24-year-old singer not only managed to snag hearts through his alluring charms but also got featured on the cover of Spotify‘s #KClubParty playlist! 

With this highly satisfying listening experience, it is also no surprise that “Spider” grabbed the top spots in music charts around the world in mere hours of its release – the track charting in 45+ countries (at the time of writing). The Indian CARATs also, being truly spellbound by HOSHI’s single, streamed and showed their support for the release by making the track peak at #3 on iTunes India and trending “#hoshi” on Twitter which held the #11 spot even after several hours had passed.



Featuring the light background vocals of SEVENTEEN’s WOOZI and the composing genius of well-known producers, PRISMFILTER’s Bumzu and Park Kitae, singleSpider’ shows the parallel between the helpless motions of a prey stuck in a deadly spider’s web and an individual’s equally impotent actions to escape the tantalizing charms of a lover.

“When you look at mе, when you look at me/ I shiver all over/ When you touch me, when you touch me/ You tie me up like a spider/ We’re tangled up, we can’t escape/ Like a spider, I enjoy this puzzle/ Pretend to hate it, baby, I still like it, baby.”

The sultriness of the song is well-complimented by the smooth, debonair music video shots, dripping with metaphoric meanings. It definitely suits the club ambiance that Spotify has alluded to in their eargasmic club experience playlist!

Did the deadly chars enchant you too? What are your thoughts on HOSHI’s solo single?
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