Hello I’m Rajath i’m 94 liner Fanboy From Bangalore, India, I became Kpop Fan since May 22nd, 2017. It’s been 3 years since my life was changed because of K-Pop.

Before going to Kpop I was into a very huge depression that had affected my personal life, a lot of suicidal thoughts were running in my mind because of the family pressure I faced, I was often bullied due to my weakness in Partial Hearing Loss during school and college days sometimes I even faced these at my workplace, I came across one of my internet friend from overseas who was a fan of Seventeen, i was introduced to Seventeen since then i started to Stan Seventeen In Don’t Wanna Cry Era as their Music Videos, Lyrics, Choreographies and Their Captivating Charms are very inspirational for me they motivate many fans around the world including me.

I also happen to be a multi-fandom as I support other groups Like Twice, Ateez, Kard, Verivery, Day 6, Oneus, Cravity and soloists like Ha Sungwoon, Kang Daniel, Edawn, Chung-ha, etc. I also have 3 Kpop Albums from Ateez and 2 Unofficial Photo-cards from Twice as There are my ultimate groups along with Seventeen, Since Kpop has been an inspirational part of my life I make Kpop Music Video Mix (Like Stage mix & Choreography Mix) in My YouTube channel Called KMV Mix to support my favorite groups. To Me Kpop is not a Distraction, It’s more of Inspiration and Life-Changing for Many Generations who love Kpop.

Also, Kpop Makes Us Aspire To do Our Interests and Achieve Them No matter whichever field we work , Kpop Songs Always Keeps Us in High Spirits and Heart Warming <3. Kpop Idols and Fans Show Immense Connection always by Chasing the dream to reality and make wish come true . I Thank KPOP HIGH INDIA and K-AHANIYA for giving me the opportunity to express my journey of 3 years as Kpop Fan, i will forever continue to support my favorite Kpop groups and work harder on my personal career and keep myself Going higher and Higher. To All My Kpop Fan Friends around the world and India Stay Healthy and Happy  !! 🙂

Thank You 🙂