They came and conquered your hearts, I’m talking about none other than the Korean boy group IN2IT that recently had a successful multi-city “IN2ITxION” concert in India! Now it’s time to know them better, in an exclusive Interview with us we asked them questions from a fan’s perspective, questions that many of you filled our DMs with! Not taking much of your time let’s get right into it:

KHigh: After giving back to back Bollywood covers, what offers are you interested to get in the Bollywood industry?

Jiahn: I heard that people in India really love to enjoy their own culture, especially movies, so that they go to the cinema more than twice a week to watch a movie. Bollywood makes a lot of good movies and among them I really enjoyed watching ‘Three Idiots’. So I hope that someday IN2IT will be on the Bollywood movie like ‘Three Idiots’. I think it might be a good challenge for us.


KHigh: Which one is tougher – Bollywood Choreography or Expressions?

Isaac: I think both were fine for me because I love the Bollywood choreography and I was confident in its expressions as well! Haha

Yeontae: Expressions, because Bollywood has its own energy. But I don’t want to say it was tough for me, only because it was new for me it just took more time than choreography. But for now, I think I got used to it already!


Jiahn: “…Bollywood makes a lot of good movies and among them I really enjoyed watching ‘Three Idiots’. So I hope that someday IN2IT will be on the Bollywood movie like ‘Three Idiots’. I think it might be a good challenge for us.”


KHigh: According to you, which theme suits you the most – Sorry for my English or Snapshot?

Hyunuk: I think the theme of SFME suits us more, because it is a fun song and it makes me more excited on the stage!

Inpyo: Personally, I like SnapShot better, because it was the song which made me more focused on myself on the stage while performance.

Inho: Both of SFME and SnapShot suit us very well. SnapShot is a cool and charismatic song while SFME is a exciting song. These two songs are  different genres but I think we perform both of them very well, because WE ARE IN2IT! haha


KHigh: Your fondest childhood memory?

Hyunuk: My fondest childhood memory is playing soccer with my friends and I have taken the 2nd place in Nike Futsal competition before!

Jiahn: I think I don’t have any special memory from my childhood, but every single moment is always precious for me. Every moment that I have spent with my people, every time that I have been working on for my performance, every stages that I am on and all the love that fans have given to us are special for me.

Yeontae: Everything in the past is important for me, so that I have tried to remember all of the moment. And I think every moment that I have had will be the fond and special memory someday, and it makes me happy.

Inpyo – A family trip when I was in elementary school was the fondest childhood memory for me. But it is sad that our family haven’t taken a family photo even once. And I feel sorry that after I entered a company as a trainee, I couldn’t spend a lot of time with my family.

Inho: I can’t choose only one, because all the moment with my family and friends in my childhood remains with me a fond memory. And those memory made myself who I am now.

Isaac – Christmas Eve , because I was always very excited for the next day. On every Christmas in my childhood, Santa Claus visited me and left presents while I was sleeping. Even though I know there’s no Santa Claus but I enjoyed celebrating Christmas with my family, always!


Source: IN2IT Vlive (Korean Children’s day celebration)


KHigh: If you weren’t a K-Pop idol you would be?

Hyunuk: I passed KAOCS (Korea Army Officer Candidate School) test and waited to become a bachelor officer, but it was a great opportunity to become an idol. So i would be a soldier in the Korean army had i not been a K-Pop Idol.

Yeontae: Hmm, if i’d not been an idol i would have been a mathematics or science teacher. I really liked maths and science classes back in school!


KHigh: Sweet tooth or Spicy food?

Hyunuk: When i’m excited i have spicy food but when i’m stressed i lean towards sweet!

Jiahn: Sweet it is!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeontae: I do not like both. But if i have to sing after, i’ll choose sweet because spicy food you can not stand the pain.

Inpyo: Spicy Food.

Inho: It’s difficult for me to choose, it depends on if i have to sing or it depends on my mood.

Isaac: I can’t really eat spicy food but I like to eat spicy food.


KHigh: If you could collaborate with one artist from anywhere around the world who would it be?

Hyunuk: I would like to perform on “The Eve” or “Love Shot” with my seniors EXO.

Jiahn: I like Billie Eilish so much, I listen to her music often and I watch her live stage videos. Billie Eilish’s songs are so good, especially the slow groove, which makes the song rhythmic, and the part where she expresses the song with delicate voices is amazing. I would really like to have an opportunity to stand on one stage with my favourite artist someday.

Yeontae: I want to collaborate with the band One Direction. Their bright energy and IN2IT’s can meet and produce some good synergy!

Inpyo: I want to collaborate with Beyonce. Her songs and performances are not only perfect but have heart, so i want to do a stage together!

Inho: Sia, Billie Eilish, Shawn Mendes, Sam Smith, Jessie J and as well as tell stories of the world through music and healing and empowering people with it. It would be a great honor to collaborate with such singers one day and to acieve that i will put more and more effort every day!

Isaac: In K-Pop, I would like to do a collaboration stage with BTS’s Jimin Sunbaenim, and for worldwide I really hope that I can meet Bruno Mars and sing a song together one day.


KHigh: Your all time favourite comfort food?

Hyunuk: My one and only love, jajangmyeon (black-bean-sauce noodles).

Jiahn: Pork Cutlet without sauce (Japanese style) and Hamburger.

Yeontae: Pork Belly! It is delicious whenever you eat it and it goes well with rice!

Inpyo: Tteokbokki! The harmony of rice cake and spicy sauce is never tiring even 365 days of an year.

Inho: Ramen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isaac: Dim sum.


KHigh: Your ideal date/vacation spot?

Hyunuk: Blue sea of Jeju Island.

Jiahn: I like to travel abroad so if i have a vacation i’d visit abroad. I always like to experience the food of the country even when i go abroad on a regular schedule, but it would be awesome to experience famous foods from all around the world.

Inpyo: Since i have been to India, i’m more interested in the country India. If i have a vacation i would like to visit India again, there are so many beautiful places!


KHigh: Favourite colour?

Hyunuk: It always changes but i like purple nowadays.

Jiahn: Black

Yeontae: Purple, i like it because it seems to have mysterious element to it.

Inpyo: White! I like it because its a clear color that goes well with any colours.

Inho: I like all colours that exist in the world. There’s a reason for everything that exists.

Isaac: Black, grey and white.


KHigh: “If I feel down I _____________?”

Inho: I listen to music that matches my mood and empowers me. It helps me calm my mind and give strength to overcome my difficulties.

Isaac: When I feel down, I talk to my family on the phone, or I just try to find some funny videos. And I just sleep early on that day because I can forget about it when I wake up on the next day.


KHigh: Your ideal type?

Jiahn: I haven’t decided yet.

Inpyo: An ideal type would be someone that can give consideration and understanding. Because i think these two qualities are the most important in building a relation with a person!


KHigh: What is the best advice you can give to all those chasing their dreams?

Hyunuk: When i first started as an idol, i could not really dance, i had a nickname “log”. It was really hard for me to dance at that time but as i continued to try and practice with a sincere heart i found myself covering EXO seniors’ dance successfully! If you try hard and earnestly, it will be done someday. Fighting!

Jiahn: Even if i hit the wall of reality while pursuing my dreams i keep at it, i believe i will be able to do it someday if i put more effort each day instead of giving up in the middle. If you have a dream but you have too many fears pulling you back don’t start, i would recommend you start unconditionally! It’s upto you to decide the possibilities!

Yeontae: Opportunity comes to everybody but it takes a lot of effort to grab that opportunity. So i hope it comes to you and that you have the strength to pursue it. A good day will surely come!

Inpyo : “Do not give up on what you want to do, even if it is difficult now, follow your dream and that dream is your path.” These are the words that are carved in my heart and kept me going everytime i wanted to give up.

Inho: I have also been on the brink of many choices and their will be many for you too in future. But whatever you choose it’s important not to be disappointed or have regrets. Just move with your mind and thoughts even if the result is not good believe in yourself and love yourself. It’s said that dreams go on a lifetime! I am living hard every day only for my dreams and i hope that all of you that see this article will be able to draw some strength from my life as well as i have lived with heart!

Isaac: I just want to say that if you have a dream just GO and TRY to achieve it like what Colin Powell said ‘ A dream doesn’t become reality through magic it takes sweat , determination and hard work’. Even though I failed a lot, I’m not afraid of failing. The only thing that I’m afraid of is just living without dream. So dream big because dreams do happen. No matter who you are and where you’re from, your dreams are valid.


Inpyo: “Do not give up on what you want to do, even if it is difficult now, follow your dream and that draem is your path.” These are the words that are carved in my heart and kept me going everytime i wanted to give up.


Khigh: One fact about you that no one knows?

Hyunuk: I actually have a six pack 🙂

Isaac: I was not confident about myself in the past. I was afraid of making friends because I used to think that no one wants to be friends with me so I couldn’t take the first step to open my mind to other people. And there were a lot of things that I wanted to try but I didn’t do that because I thought that I’m not going to make it and I just chose to run away. But one day I realized that my dream is to become a K-pop singer so I told myself that I have to try no matter how hard it is. This is the power of dream. So if you don’t make the first step, you’ll never know that a lot of opportunities are waiting for you. Dream changed my life. This is the fact.



Thank you so much IN2IT for doing what you do and inspiring others, we are sure your words will bring light and strength to people around the world. We will always cheer for you and are patiently waiting for new music!