Please note the following article is written with the purpose that we can inform you about different tools that can help you learn the Korean language from the comfort of your home, no matter which city you are in!


After becoming a fan of different KPOP artists, the first thing most of us did was learn the lyrics, followed by wanting to learn the Korean language itself. Many of us have tried to learn via YouTube or random Google searches. But most of us leave it halfway because we cannot understand it well or there is a lack of resources. Well, fret not anymore. We have found reliable sources for you to study the Korean language. Some resources are free and some are paid, but they are not very costly. Let’s get you started with the basics. Most of these apps are available for Android and/or iOS devices. All relevant links are also added!



  1. LingoDeer

It has two levels of Korean language which cover most of the basic and intermediate grammar. There is a secondary app called LingoDeer plus which focuses on specific skills to learn the language faster.


  1. Drops

Drops, literally drops words in the preferred language. It also has another supporting app called “Scripts” which helps in writing practice for Japanese, Korean and Chinese languages. It takes up only 5 minutes of your time and teaches you new words daily!


  1. Memrise

Memrise is one of the best apps if you want a learning course at a slow pace. It offers words and their meanings in small bite-sized lessons. It has a premium model that offers downloadable lessons for offline practice.


  1. Duolingo

Whether you are learning a language or not, I am sure you must have come across some meme about the Duolingo owl. Duolingo offers language lessons but you are required to know the alphabets or have some previous knowledge. For the Korean language, it has lessons right from the basics such as the alphabet and its pronunciation. The free version has ads but you can sign up for a free trial of the premium for 7 days. The premium version is the ad-free version. The app has a test level after each section.


  1. IGNOU

IGNOU has started a certificate course in Korean Language and Culture (CKLC). It is a distance learning course which offers online study material along with audios for explanations in the textbooks. The course once enrolled, is valid for two years. You can learn the language at your leisure with the study material provided.


  1. Coursera and Future Learn

Coursera has started a FREE Course on Korean. But, you won’t get a certificate. You have to pay a certain amount to avail of a certificate. The course is sectioned into small units to make the study easier. The same goes with FUTURE LEARN. They have two courses titled “Introduction to Korean 1 and 2”. They have audio-video lessons teaching a few basics of grammar.


  1. Sejong Hakdang

King Sejong Institute holds regular classes for TOPIK at their Delhi campus. They do not have classes elsewhere. But, do not worry. They have lessons on their website (Nuri Sejong Hakdang) for free. they have recently launched three apps on Android for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Korean language lessons. The study material is accessible only online. You can download the MP3 files on your devices.


Additionally, you can look for language blogs such as Chloe’s Korean Blog, Study Korean 101 on Tumblr. They update the grammar lessons with the help of songs and bite size explanations. Lovely Blue Panda has plenty of resources for learning Korean along with wonderful study tips for regularly studying the language.




Once you are confident enough, you can even attempt for TOPIK (Test of Proficiency in Korean) exams held every year in October by KCCI and get a proper certification of language proficiency!

TOPIK has 6 levels of proficiency. The exam covers four bases like hearing, reading, speaking and writing skills. To practice for TOPIK, there are free lessons available on

There are two exams for TOPIK.

TOPIK 1, which is the beginner level and TOPIK 2, which is the advanced level. TOPIK 1 consists of two sub-levels (1 & 2) whereas TOPIK 2 has four sublevels (3-6). Once you successfully complete level 6, your fluency will be as good as a native person.

The registration dates and relevant for TOPIK is usually updated on the Facebook/Instagram account of KCCI.



By learning the language, not only can you interact with the artist or listen to a song without translating, but you can also add a great skill in your resume. You also learn about the culture and history of the place. Korea has had a diverse history of monarchy and colonization. There is so much more to learn from Korean culture!

Translation or interpretation jobs are of high demand these days because of rapid globalization and a rise in tourism. Recently, the meetings between our PM Narendra Modi and South Korean President Moon Jae In, have brought in good demand for the Korean language in India. Owing to the visits, business relations have strengthened between India and South Korea. There are several multinational companies in India that are looking for individuals with Korean Language skills.

When traveling to any foreign country, it is always an added bonus if you can speak the local tongue. Learning Korean now will definitely help you navigate the country on your own without much hassle. You can go on a solo vacation or with friends and flaunt your Korean Language skills by putting everyone in surprise!



Not only learning the language, but you can also improve your Korean typing speed by practicing on the below-mentioned websites! You can buy Korean keyboard stickers online as well! (I got mine for just 29INR!)

To activate the keyboard typing in your Windows PC, you need to go to language settings and add the Korean Keyboard. Generally, a Dubeolshik Keyboard is easy to work on. A Dubeolshik Keyboard has the consonants on the left and the vowels on the right. The layout is just like the QWERTY Keyboard, so you don’t need to worry about it. All these sites have the practice right from the basics so you can practice as many times as you want! So, go ahead, practice away!

  1. This website has limited exercises for practice but is a good place to start. The instructions are in English so it becomes easy to navigate as well.
  2. you can log in on the website to save your progress. The whole website is in Korean but Google Chrome translate can help you out here. (I wouldn’t recommend relying on translate options always. Try to navigate it in the original format to help you understand Korean as well.)
  3. This is the best website to learn to type. This website also has a Korean layout to it. Simply clicking on the yellow button will pop up a window for practice. You can log in to save your progress! (log in option top left corner) There is no translate option in the pop-up window, so you are left to figure it out on your own. But the icons help out to figure it out.


So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, start the lessons immediately, I am sure you can learn a few sentences easily in a few days!


Writer – Nandini Iyengar