There are a lot of ways to beat boredom, especially if you are a K-pop fan, but mix a design degree with the knowledge of photoshop in a blender, you get this madness. As fashion design students, my friends and I are extremely drawn to K-pop and Korean fashion in general, so we’re always looking for ways to be inspired by the fantastic looks. Being in quarantine, we’ve been honing our photoshop skills, so when I got the opportunity to write this lockdown segment I realized it’s the perfect time to try and recreate a fancy Album shoot to feel accomplished for the day.


Step #1 | Choose your idol and poster
Our first step was to pick the pictures. We picked Itzy’s itz me because it has such a cool looking photoshoot and we had clothes and jewellery in our wardrobes we could use to recreate this picture.


Step #2 | Choose a spot for the picture
There are so many things to worry about while picking a spot to take pictures. Especially when you have to place yourself into another image.

  1. Lighting
  2. A plain background
  3. No intruders for awkwardness
  4. A place to keep your phone


Step #3 | Match pose
Obviously, we’re not models and can’t be as suave as these idols, but we can try!


Step #4 | Makeup
While a huge percentage of the K-pop family are makeup geniuses, we are not. So we do everything in post-production. The app we like to use is Youcam because with it you can make it give you a natural effect and is easy to work with. Are you a post or pro makeup artist?


Step #5 | Edit Edit Edit

The real hard work starts here. While we use photoshop to edit our pictures, you can definitely use PicsArt to do the trick. To break it down simply:
‘Cut out’ yourself from the image.
Place yourself over the poster.
Match the lighting and fade amount
*A trick I like to use while editing is adding noise while matching myself with the background. It automatically acts as a blending tool.


Step #6 | Admire your masterpiece
Give yourself a pat on the back, because you’ve done it! Share your pictures with your best friends and K-family WhatsApp groups to get some appreciation for your hard work!





Images edited by Adi

We at “Not Your Type Yet” loved working on this project and found that it was a great way to let our creative juices flow in a fun and unique way. We hope to see you do some of your own album covers too!