Hwa Sa Guilty Pleasure

K-Pop songstress, Hwa Sa of MAMAMOO has come back to the solo music scene after almost a year-and-half away. Releasing her 2nd solo album, ‘Guilty Pleasure’ today (on November 24th, 2021), Hwa Sa aims to show her own guilty pleasure – to push beyond her limits to achieve her goals!

Voicing out her emotions of how, over the past 1.5 years (after her 1st EP ‘Maria’), she felt like she didn’t really enjoy herself and that she was losing her identity, ‘Guilty Pleasure’ rings with Hwa Sa’s struggle as an individual and her growth as an artist. It conveys her regrets of not being able to revel in the small pleasures of life as she chased the goals that lay right in front of her. Within these somber thoughts, however, the songstress also manages to find warm comfort and courage in her latest music – ‘I’m a B’, ‘Bless You’, and ‘FOMO’ and wants to convey the same to her listeners.


Hwa Sa – I’m a 빛(I’m a B)

The lead track, ‘I’m a B’ has deep connotations, starting right from the title name where ‘빛’ can be understood as both ‘light’ and ‘B’ (meaning b***ch). It starts off metaphorically as a washed-up Hwa Sa breaks out of a box and opens the door to her heart’s innermost light. The MAMAMOO songstress then unveils her velvety, chromatic vocals as she sings, “Life is so incredible, Even if I go crazy/ My sin is beautiful, baby/ Life is now so terrible/ Even if I can’t cry, so I smile/ Excuse you, I’m a B”. The accompanying dance routine is equally sleek, sassy, and meaningful as it amps up the impact of the bittersweet lyrics. The same is true for the melody line which is light and high-spirited, and so is a beautiful contrast to the darkish lyricism.

What is even more charming about the track is the intermingling of the fast-paced oriental sounds (of Korean zither, gayageum or kayagum) with the modern music composition; it pumps up the spine-tingling tension of the song a good few notches! Also, the heartwarming shoutout to her adoring fandom, MooMoo as she sings “My feel, my belief/ I hope I don’t lose it”, is unmissable.

With Hwa Sa finding the lights within the shadows through her 2nd single album ‘Guilty Pleasures’, we can only wish for her listeners to do the same as they enjoy her latest project. The proclamation of Hwa Sa of how there is a continuation of this album as track, ‘FOMO’ marks its beginning, also has us and all listeners, hyped up for what the future holds!


Have you listened to ‘Guilty Pleasure’ by Hwa Sa already? Which track resonated the most with you? Spill your thoughts in the comments.
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