Around 34 Hyderabadi ARMYs were on their way to a very resplendent event on the twentieth of October, celebrating three of their idols’ birthdays- Kim Namjoon, Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook at Pheonix Arena, Hi-tech City, Hyderabad. It was a day they had been waiting for a long, long time and they couldn’t contain their excitement as they entered the event venue which was beautifully decorated by the amicable organizers.


It was an event organized by two dedicated ARMYs- Aisha and Hoorien, with some help from Hafsa and other supportive ARMYs in town. They honestly hadn’t thought that so many ARMYs would turn up and had held their breaths intense anticipation till the numbers grew from 3 attendees to 7 to the great number of 30 by the day of the event!



The event started off with great avidity charging the very air of the venue as the attending ARMYs got their first dose of euphoria in the form of customized merchandize – BTS stamps, a purple ribbon and BTS hand fans.


With the distribution of the merchandise done, the next thing that was dealt with by the organizers was the nervous energy in the room. This dissipated into thin air as they got all the ARMYs to introduce themselves and talk about their love for BTS, in brief, *though it will probably take a whole book to describe it even remotely xD*



The most fun part of the event-‘The Games’ followed next, bringing the ARMYs even closer as they were divided in three different teams to compete in a Ladder Game. Based on the idol’s face the ARMYs got in the distributed merchandise, they were divided into three teams- TEAM JIMIN, TEAM NAMJOON and TEAM JUNGKOOK.


The teams hence formed, were then explained the rules:


  1. Every team will form a line.
  2. The first person in the line will write the name of a BTS song and then go stand at the back of the line.
  3. Then the next person will also follow the same procedure and this will continue for a certain time limit.
  4. The songs recorded once, cannot be repeated again.
  5. The team with the most recorded songs wins.


Hence with the rules set for this ‘different-from-the-usual’ game, the teams geared up to fight for the win.


Bangtan’s leader’s team A.K.A. TEAM NAMJOON came out victorious in the end, recording with ease a long list of BTS songs that they absolutely loved to listen to.


Performance on the title track, ‘IDOL’ by the very talented ARMY, Aparna made the event even more memorable and charming.


*It was an ‘Idolistic’ performance indeed 🙂*


A simple yet delicious lunch was provided next consisting of a burger and a cold drink. While feasting happily on these, the ARMYs enjoyed the MV screenings of the group. Some melodic songs by Jimin, Jungkook and Namjoon also played at this time making some ARMYs swoon at the angelic voices they possess.


The video that made everyone go gaga however was the ‘always hilarious no matter how many time you watch it’- the ‘BAEPSAE’ Dance video xD


Next up came a dope performance by one of the fanboys, Lakshit on the track, ‘Fake Love’ and a graceful contemporary dance by Baishaili on Jiminie’s track, ‘Serendipity’ which left everyone in awe.



The cake was cut next and all the ARMYs busied themselves with taking pictures of the beautiful cake and of themselves in the beautiful ambiances they stood surrounded by.



The DJ session with all the ARMYs dancing together on Bangtan’s tracks from all the eras till then was also a huge success as it hyped everyone up for the upcoming relay game which had not only a reward for the winning team for their efforts but also a penalty for the losing side *because what’s a game without penalties, right 😉*




The relay game had the three teams competing with each other, their competitive spirits soaring even higher than before. The rules were simple; each member of the team will play one game and perform the task mentioned in that game. Failure in doing so by even one member will result in that team having to start again from Task 1.


Tasks involved in the relay were:

Elephant spin

Ball in a basket




Defeating the other two teams with great teamwork and speed, TEAM JIMIN won the relay and were awarded their invaluable prize- LY Package whereas the losing teams got the infamous Weekly Idol Suga Special “Finger Flick on the Arm” xD



With the conclusion of the games and the performances, the organizers took out their last gift of gratitude for the attending ARMYs, a “NamKookMin Day Package” which consisted of a BTS badge and 3 photo cards of the solo songs the 3 stars had released- Trivia: Love, Euphoria and Serendipity and distributed it to the thrilled fans.




Lastly, RM’s speech at the United Nations conference was screened on the big screen in the venue. The organizers believed that this was the perfect way to end the day’s events as it reminded each of them to accept themselves as they are, speak out their thoughts instead of repressing them and inspired them to be one step closer to loving their own self along with showering their love on the seven beautiful angels of the Kpop group called Bangtan Sonyeondan.




Writer: Ishika Rawat