HyunA DAWN 1+1=1

After the sensual duet song, ‘Party, Feel, Love (ft. DAWN)’ from HyunA’s ‘I’m Not Cool’ album, the demands and anticipations of the fans for a collaborative release from K-Pop’s cutest couple had been on an all-time high! A response to those eagerly waiting fans, is HyunA and DAWN’s new duet mini-album, ‘1+1= 1’. 

The quirky teaser images, the premiere of a complimentary documentary of their relationship –I’m Fine Thank You And You?’, and the vibrancy that you expect from a P Nation signee release, all have also set the perfect stage for the album. The collaborative EP consists of four sassy-yet-adorable tracks, including a title song interestingly called ‘Ping Pong’. Both HyunA and DAWN have also contributed to the lyrics and composition of the mini-album.

‘Ping Pong’ falls on the completely opposite side of the musical spectrum than ‘Party, Feel, Love’. It replaces the low-tempo and drunk-in-love vibes of the previous track, with its own unique concoction of intense crazy in love/for love kind of setting. The music production definitely carries the P Nation touch – it is upbeat, funky, bouncy, with a touch of Spanish flair. Bringing their romance onto, not just the screen but the musical and lyrical landscape too, the whimsical song also gives a sneak-peek into the couple’s love story. The colorful hues adorning each and every frame of the ‘la vida loca (livin’ the crazy life)’ painted music video, the signature vocals of the two artists, and the cute scenes of the two in between, also heighten the appeal of the song and of falling in love even more. You just can’t help but click the replay button or better yet, play the entire 4-tracked playlist!


Have you listened to the ‘1+1=1’ album and ‘Ping Pong’ by HyunA and DAWN yet? Which is your favorite track from the EP? Spill your thoughts in the comments.
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