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Following in the footsteps of her solo debut album, ‘Redd’ which marked a new beginning in the artistic life of vocalist, Whee In of MAMAMOO, is her latest mini-album titled ‘WHEE’.

Consisting of 6 lyrical tracks, this sophomore album by Whee In deepens the impression she had made as a soloist in the music world. It embodies her creative progression, a finer understanding of her musicality, and a clearer purpose of what she wants to convey and accomplish as an artist. Alongside the title track, ‘Make Me Happy’ which emanates with the pure bliss of being touched by true happiness, Whee In joins hands with CEO-Artist RAVI and R&B singer XYDO (and more) to deliver a delightful and colorful listening experience through “WHEE”.

After this successful endeavor of Whee In that received love from fans all over the world as they gushed on about the aesthetics and artistry portrayed by Whee In here, KHIGH had a chance to interact with the mellifluent artist. Delving into her thoughts on “WHEE”, its reception by listeners, future concepts and collaborations, and most of all, her gratitude for her fans worldwide, Whee In lively expressed it all here, in this interview.


Source: @thel1ve_official on Instagram


KHIGH: Congratulations on the high acclaim that your latest EP “WHEE” has won! Can you share with us its concept and what your thoughts were when you heard it was so well-received? 

WHEE IN: Thank you so much for the congratulations! Once I topped the list, I felt a great sense of accomplishment and happiness, and my faith in myself increased even more. For this album, I contained my own identity which includes easy listening tracks which I thought everyone could enjoy.


KHIGH: “WHEE” is your 1st album with THE L1VE and showcases your synergic work with labelmates, Xydo & RAVI. What was that experience like? 

WHEE IN: Both Ravi and Xydo are people who make others feel comfortable, so they were very considerate while working. Thanks to that, I was able to work in a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere!


KHIGH: ‘Letter Filled With Light’ carries a grateful message for your fans who devotedly awaited your return. Can you recall a moment when their patience and support touched you the most?

WHEE IN: I can feel the fans’ waiting and love every moment. So I always think about how can I make them feel happy in return for that. I don’t think there’s anything more proud and happier than when the fans like and are satisfied with my album!


KHIGH: The highly symbolic music video for ‘Make Me Happy’ had a lot of beautiful allusions – especially the flower and butterfly motif, and fans loved it! What was your favorite scene and outfit from it?

WHEE IN: The scenes in the shower room are my favorite. I just loved all the colors, the art setup, and even the styling!

Source: @thel1ve_official on Instagram


KHIGH: The music video drew listeners into “Whee In Wonderland” which was based on an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ inspired concept. Will there be a continuation of this “Wonderland”  or will you be focusing on fresh concepts?

WHEE IN: Rather than showing the same charm that I showed with this album, I’d like to show you a variety of new concepts that I haven’t been able to show before!


KHIGH: You have already managed to fulfill your desire of dabbling in jazz music to some extent in ‘Deserve (Interlude)’. Which genres would you like to experiment with next?

WHEE IN: I’d like to try all kinds of genres. I want to challenge a variety of styles. I also want to express a different vibe in the styles I’ve been doing so far. 

Whee In Interview
Source: @thel1ve_official on Instagram


KHIGH: “WHEE” which focuses entirely on you as a vocalist (sporting no feature artists at all) is successful in showing a revamped version of you. What would say are your future aims going forward?

WHEE IN: My goal is not to see what’s right in front of my eyes, but to become an artist who can look far and be active for a long, long time.


KHIGH: What artists, native or global, do you have on your radar as potential collaborators? 

WHEE IN: There are so many great artists, it’s hard to pick just one. I’m very positive about the idea of collaborating and it’s always an honor to do so. 


KHIGH: Lastly, what would be your message to all your fans? 

WHEE IN: All the fans around the world, thank you for reading my interview. I will always do my best in return for your support from afar. Please be careful of Covid and when this situation settles down, I’d like to see all of you in a face-to-face place! Love you!


We loved Whee In and her pleasing tracks. Listen to her latest album ‘WHEE’ on – Spotify | iTunes

Watch the music video for ‘Make Me Happy’ below:


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