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Delivering to their global fanbases’ demands and meeting their high expectations, rising rookie group, The Boyz released their first full-length Japanese album titled “Breaking Dawn” on March 17, 2021. The album consists of 8 tracks that represent the global persona and vision of the boy-group with the intertwining of the different futuristic and classic genres of music. The title track, ‘Breaking Dawn’ is a perfect example of this juxtaposing of genres with its edgy bassline and beats and hip-hop-heavy verses.

However, the track that carries the most appeal almost by default for most Indian The Bs (fans) of The Boyz’ album is the opening track titled “PRISM”. Aside from the fact that the song carries the most exquisite vocal synergies and lyrics, the beat production that seems to almost melt into and evolve with every change in the member’s lineup, takes the track to a whole new level!

“Colour my mysterious heart that has been completely hidden, fill me up (Prism)/It shines on me and spreads out again, it’s amazing, You’re a Prism.”

Check out the track, ‘PRISM’ from “Breaking Dawn” below:


As if this wasn’t enough, Indian fans also noticed that Indian producer and songwriter, Mr. Appu Krishnan, was one of the co-writers and co-producers to had worked on this dynamic beat production alongside his Loud Boy Music labelmate, Michael Norris, and versatile K-Pop producer, Daniel Kim!

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Seeing the interest and enraptured effect of ‘PRISM’, we asked Mr. Appu Krishnan to describe the Creative Process, the team involved behind the scenes that most don’t know of and also say a few words about The Boyz, and this is what he had to say:

“So we did the track late last year in the middle of the pandemic lockdown! Guess we wanted to remember [the old free days] and missed the shows and dance 🙂

Mike Norris (who is one of our amazing producers with Loudboy) and I made the track. Our co-publishers, our musical family, Sugarhouse Publishing loved it and sent it to Daniel Kim and his team through Soundgraphics and Melogram. Daniel had the topline and the awesome “Prism” concept. Everything just fit together and all of us tweaked production to perfection for THE BOYZ. JQ, Lee-Yeon Ji, and XYZ (makeumine works) did the lyrics.

Soundgraphics helped us with the pitch to THE BOYZ who performed it amazingly and you know the rest 🙂 Also shout out to Jake Gordon for the final mix, JiN for Creative supervision, and my friend Colin Leonard for the Mastering.

Do check out the other songs on the Album. Everyone did an amazing job and we all feel so proud to be part of this project!”



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With the return of Mr. Appu Krishnan to the ‘Indian x Korean’ playing field, it is safe to say that Mr. Appu has created his own space in the K-Pop music industry with this hit track, following his previous collaborations with GOT7 on their album “Dye”, APRIL on their Special Album “Hello Summer!”, Wanna One, N.Flying, and many more!

Check out our Exclusive Interview with Mr. Appu to know more about his creative process, his descent into the K-Pop World, and his work with other K-Pop groups.


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