The 15-year-old Hyderabad girl – Harini Nittala went through rough times during her childhood. She faced adversities like bullying which lead to low self-esteem and stage fright. She always wanted to be a singer, but it was difficult, with her holding back.

Things changed when she found BTS in her life!


Last week we got in touch with the Vocal winner Harini of KPOP CONTEST 2019 and wow that girl blew us with her positivity and determination.


Here’s our EXCLUSIVE with her:


KHigh: Since when have you been singing?

Harini: I’ve been singing all my life, but I started taking the dream seriously since December 2018.



KHigh: How did you prep for the contest? And why did you choose to sing “Euphoria”?

Harini: I’ve been practicing for the contest since march, I used to listen to the song on repeat and tried to capture every small detail in the song, also my guitar teacher helped me a lot to improve!

I chose Euphoria because the song is very special to me. I had gone to a BTS concert in January, the love yourself concert in Singapore. I had standing tickets so we had to wait in line from 10 AM and the concert started at 7 pm. So while waiting in the line for hours, suddenly music started playing ad it was Jungkook’s voice; I DIED!

He was doing his soundcheck. I couldn’t believe I was at a BTS concert until that moment. So euphoria is the first song I heard live and that memory will always be very special to me! Every time I sing euphoria I close my eyes and imagine that moment and it makes me happy. My favorite group is BTS if you haven’t guessed it by now haha, they have taught me wonderful things and they really inspire me! I look upto them and they’re the reason I got the confidence to start performing.

My favorite song is actually Blood sweat and tears, cause it’s what made me an ARMY 🙂



KHigh: What were your thoughts & expectations of entering the competition?

Harini: BTS has done a lot for me and the least I could do was sing for them, I think that was the main motive. I just wanted to give back to them:) I wasn’t really expecting anything because I entered the competition to just perform and have fun! BTS has helped me through my rough times of being bullied I am eternally grateful to them. I overcame my stage fright because of them!

Credit Harini; “BTS has done a lot for me and the least I could do was sing for them… I just wanted to give back to them.”


KHigh: Well, you won! Congratulations! How does it feel?

Harini: It doesn’t feel real, it feels like a dream! I still cannot believe it, I feel like I still have to prepare for nationals haha. But I feel very grateful that I got this opportunity to do something I love making other people happy with my performances.


“I love making other people happy with my performances.”


KHigh: Any special plans for the Korea trip?

Harini: I really want to visit the BigHit building, it’ll be really cool to be in the same place where the magic happens, I actually really want to audition for a few companies too! And I would love to perform for my idols, someday!



KHigh: So you want to be a K-Pop idol?

Harini: YES!! It’s the dream, it sounds kind of stupid because I’m not Korean nor do I look Korean, but they do everything I love doing, I love dancing too so it’ll be amazing to be able to sing and dance. Also, I love performing for K-pop audiences, they are so responsive and it feels like they are also performing with me, they sing along and are very supportive.

KHigh: It’s not stupid at all, you’re brave!



KHigh: How big of a role has your family played?

Harini: My family is highly supportive of me, they encourage me and help me be a better person and performer. My mom calls herself my biggest fan, she watches my videos all the time, I get annoyed with my own voice because of her haha. She gets very excited whenever something happens related to my performances. She really loves me and my music and I’m so glad that I was lucky enough to have a mother like her. Mummy when you read this trust me when I say I love you more than you love my videos💜 I think because she is so enthusiastic about my performances it makes me more confident, I think that’s how I lost my stage fright. She has never missed any of my performances and she’s always at the back cheering for me, and the smile on her face once I’m done singing is the most precious gift to me. I’m just really glad that I make her proud. My brother is more of a silent supporter, he never says anything but his watch history says more than enough haha. My Dad is also very supportive of me, he doesn’t really understand the whole K-pop thing but he supports me nevertheless. I think my family plays a big role in what I do. I love them and I’m very grateful for them:)

Credit: Harini; “Mummy when you read this trust me when I say I love you more than you love my videos💜”



KHigh: Any message for K-Pop fans like you?

Harini: As a K-pop fan, I know what it feels like to be a screaming, dying fangirl 24/7 but I feel like K-pop inspires us in our own ways. I feel that we should do something about our love for K-pop. We can start by working a little more towards our dreams and aspirations. We should show everyone that K-pop helps us in ways nothing else can.



Harini you’re an inspiration to so many fans out there, we will cheer you on always!