Idol Drama Imitation

Park Kyung Ran’s sensational idol drama webtoon ‘Imitation’ gets a live-action adaption, which is titled as the same. The plot of the series revolves around the fictional K-Pop groups “Tea Party”, “SHAX” and “Sparkling”. The cast of the drama has many fan favourites from our very own adored K-Pop groups including Yunho, Jongho, Seonghwa, and San (ATEEZ), Park Jiyeon (T-ara), Lee Jun Yeong (U-KISS), Lim Nayoung (former member of I.O.I and PRISTIN), Hwi Young and Chani (SF9), Danny Ahn (g.o.d) and solo artist Minseo and Suwoong (Boy Republic). Joining them also, are Jeong Ji So, Yu Ri, Ahn Jung Hoon and Shim Eun Jin

The Idol drama Imitation’ presents the audience with the perfect concoction of Rom-Com. The series gives us a glimpse into the complicated lives of the idol groups in the industry, filled with constant rivalry and touching moments showcasing their hardships and memorable times they spend together, as they follow the pathway to success. With the humongous fame K-Pop has acquired through the recent years, fans worldwide would get a chance to understand the astonishing idol world from a whole new perspective through this drama.

What’s even more interesting is that the TV series producers went all out by creating official Twitter and Instagram accounts for the fictional groups to give the ultimate fan experience to its audience! With fandoms globally looking forward to the Idol series, ‘Imitation’ is set to air on KBS2, from May 7th 2021.

Here are the Official Twitter accounts of the idol groups:


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