Quiz on Korea 2018
The past August we had reported on the preliminary rounds for Quiz on Korea 2018 Indian preliminary rounds and it has finally happened this past week! Ms. Aishwarya, who represented us desi fans in the grand KBS stage may not have won the contest but certainly has won our hearts! In fact, I personally couldn’t stop fanboying myself watching the episode! (while my younger brother couldn’t stop himself from hardcore judging me for it).
If Korea has IU, India has Aishu – Leeteuk of Super Junior
I died when Leetuek said this and started googling “How to be Aishu” >.>
What really is important here is the larger picture. Before, we only imagined K-POP idols uttering the name “India”. Actually, most of us probably didn’t even imagine that happening. But, in 2018 there has been several instances of Indian fans who made it to the larger stage by sheer perseverance and dedication. Here are some of those instances;
With Lucente debut showcase right around the corner, I assume it’s safe to say that Indian K-POP fans are heading in the right direction and we can expect bigger things to come our way in the near future!