4th KICF

IKCG which stands for Indo Korean Culture Group Pune a newly found organisation, is like a relief for the K-Pop Punekars who have always longed for one! They might not be old in the field but have already started off with strong foundation. 2018’s chapter of the Korean Culture Festival has been brought to you by none other than this fresh and energetic organisation, hosted with immense support of the the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in
Mumbai, the Pune Municipal Corporation and Smart City Pune. We would also like to mention the generous sponsors of the 4th KICF: Edify International School and Green leaf.

KPop High India is proud to announce their association with them as their digital media partner!

One thing we can say for sure they are determined to sail the ship of “Dosti“.

As we have already released the event details. Let’s here it from IKCG, their official press release.

만남. An encounter. An unexpected meeting with
Over the past decades, Pune has seen a steady rise in the
number of South Korean expatriates that call this city
home. This encounter of the two cultures and communities
has carefully and slowly grown to bloom into the Korean-
Indian Cultural Festivals. Creating a platform for the
residents of the city to experience the diverse and unique
cultures of the two peninsulas is a step closer to a
harmonious society, where everyone understands each
other and nationality, race and ethnicity blends into a
beautiful myriad of colours.
With the aim of unifying the Korean and Indian
communities of Pune through dance and music, the 4th
edition of the Korean-Indian Cultural Festival brings for
you a memorable evening with performances that
celebrate the cultures and all their richness.
The 4th KICF is a milestone in bringing the India and
South Korea together, in the fact that it is being hosted by
the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in
Mumbai, the Pune Municipal Corporation and Smart
City Pune. It is a one-of-a-kind festival, where dignitaries
of all three offices would, for the first time ever, grace the
evening with their presence and address the audience.

The evening will commence with a mesmerising Kathak
performance by Dr. Eunjoo Lim, the founder of the Indo
Korean Culture Group, accompanied by Milind Date on
the flute and the talented members of the Tridhaara
Institute of Kathak.

The Kukkiwon Demonstration Team, India will then take
on the stage to thrill the audience with a Taekwondo
performance, showcasing their skills in the age-old Korean martial art.
An energetic k-pop musical performance, followed by a
dance number by the talented team of the Indo-Korean
Culture Group (Pune) would then get the audience’s feet
tapping, preparing them for the grand finale, the highlight
of the evening.

LUCENTE, a newly-debuted k-pop group from South Korea
will take the stage for their 2018 Debut Showcase, putting
forth a concert that is sure to leave the audience wanting

With the 4th Korean-Indian Cultural Festival, we aim to
target the k-pop enthusiasts of Pune and the Indians that
hold an interest in Korean culture.
The vibrant performances hope to attract the youth of the
city and we expect a footfall of about 1000 people at the
event. We hope that the cultural exchange initiated by this
festival continues and brings the countries closer in the future.

If you thought this was “wow” enough, you haven’t read even half of it; Stay tuned for more upcoming articles because the Pune chapter has so much more in store!