“The album portrays a huge spectrum of emotions, and I titled it “LUCKY MAN” because I felt lucky to be able to feel such diverse emotions in my 20s. Also, I feel the luckiest to be born to my parents.” – BOBBY in a conference.


The ‘swag rapper’, also known as, BOBBY of the bold group, iKon, is back with his new and diverse, second full length album after almost three long years! Released on 25th January 2021, the album consists a whole of 17 tracks featuring varied artists – his group mates, DK and JU-NE, and Omar, and producers – The Proof, Diggy, Millennium, and HRDR. The title track ‘U Mad’, garnered two million views on YouTube within a day! At the time of writing this)

The album has reached #1 on iTunes Albums Chart in 13 countries like Philippines, Ireland, Mexico, including India, the biggest achievement for Indian iKONICS!

Bobby u mad


The #1 in India achieved by the album came as an astonishment but justifies the love of Indian iKONICS towards the artist! Proving the base for iKON’s success and recognition in India, it has the fans rejoicing with the feat the album has achieved.


U Mad

As the title may suggest, ‘U Mad’ is an edgy, truculent song where BOBBY becomes one with his anguished rap delivery. The song delves into hip-hop with little of synth peeking through. It’s a very powerful track where BOBBY’s rap pulls in the focus despite the prevailing instrumentals. The video moves around a short story – BOBBY searching for what he has been missing, all packed with action and CGI.

Check out the track here:

In the production of this album, BOBBY has participated as a lyricist, composer and a producer. With the tremendous success of BOBBY’s new album, it sets a new mark and expectations for his future releases as well as iKON’s. However it may be, one thing is for sure – it will certainly take the world by storm!


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Writer: Raj Nandini